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“Sarah’s book inspired me to go ‘all the way’… I had sought to train in Reiki a year ago for self healing and again with recent struggles with grief I rekindled the desire to finish my course. Sarah’s book is a must have for any newbie setting up, but it also answers so many questions that obviously arise during training… that’s Reiki! Sarah’s fun and blatantly honest account of her own learning curves is womb like for those tender souls starting out. I can’t honestly thank you enough for a book that simply ticks all the boxes.” MW


amanda 5.0 out of 5 stars Loved every single page !

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Loved every page ! Really opened my eyes and heart and gave me the belief and confidence I needed x


“Reiki is NOT about being psychic.

Psychic adjectivepsy·chic | \ ˈsī-kik \variants: or less commonly psychical \ ˈsī-ki-kəl \Definition of psychic

1: of or relating to the psyche : PSYCHOGENIC

2: lying outside the sphere of physical science or knowledge : immaterial, moral, or spiritual in origin or force

3: sensitive to nonphysical forces and influences : marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding.

When we are introduced to Reiki and receive its magical energies, it is often the time when our ‘psychic senses’ (those that lie outside the sphere of physical science, see above) are awakened. We are opened up to an awareness that life is not all that it has previously seemed. Suddenly we are able to feel sensations in our bodies that signal ‘weird’ things can happen which we never thought possible. (Hands up those that have felt heat, coolness, tingling, pressure, or maybe something a little stranger still, such as feeling as if your body is bent over double, or you are tipping backwards whilst blatantly lying perfectly still on the therapy couch!)

Perhaps you have been shown images in your mind’s eye, or maybe you’ve seen beautiful colours swirling – as clear as if you were looking at a lava lamp in action.

Then again you may have heard anything from a phrase through to full-on song lyrics, being sent through to you on the spiritual airwaves.

Some of these things when experienced by the Practitioner, will present themselves as messages for the client, and it can be very rewarding and bring insightful awareness to share them with your recipient. But this does not mean that receiving them must be part of our role as Reiki Practitioner.

Sadly I have noticed that some clients will actively expect messages (psychic feedback) to be a part of the treatment, thereby placing pressure on the Practitioner as if there were a need to ‘perform’. It can unfortunately also be the case that the Practitioner puts pressure on themselves without any assistance from anyone else, falling into the trap of believing they are not working so capably on occasions when they fail to receive messages, or feeling in some way less able than their counter-parts when messages are elusive.

For me, I will at times find it hard to shut myself up, and yes, I am remaining on topic! In the post-treatment de-brief, a constant feed of information can be coming my way, and I may have to put myself in check so that I don’t overwhelm my client.

Then again I may receive just one or two simple messages. But equally it can be nothing at all.

There will be clients who will show their disappointment at the omission. Indeed I am surprised at how many come with the expectation of a psychic reading as if it would naturally form part of the treatment.

But please don’t get swayed by them. Don’t believe that their anticipation for something that is not Reiki, should be included in a Reiki treatment.

Firmly put aside any feelings of inadequacy when messages are not forth-coming, and never tell yourself that you have failed to do as good a job as a fellow Practitioner who seemingly gets messages with every treatment. Because your Reiki skills are what you are offering to your clients, and believe me, that is more than good enough.”

Until next time, be well and happy, Sarah x

Sarah Cooper is the author of the book “Working with Reiki” available on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Work…/dp/1070357723/ref=sr_1_1


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