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by Sarah Cooper


“Sometimes we have to accept that a client’s response to a Reiki session is going to be less than we would have hoped for. There are a range of reasons why you may not get the feedback you would desire, so let’s look at some of those now.

Firstly it is worth mentioning that with Reiki we are going beyond the logical and the conscious mind, and that may be such a big shift for your client/recipient that they don’t feel comfortable talking about their experience. They may have been taken way out of their comfort zone and openly expressing that fact, may not be something they feel able to do.

And more generally, some people just don’t like to let you know what’s happening for them; and in not doing so, give a false impression that that relates to very little. It may therefore be that they feel awkward saying it felt as if a pair of hands were working on their feet and ankles whilst you were laying your hands on their shoulders, particularly if it is their first appointment and they have only just met you! The true extent of the impact on a client just may never be shared.

Then there are the times when the client may not notice changes in their mood or body until long after they have left your company. So if a client looks blankly at you and states they didn’t really feel anything, don’t be deflated and accept it as failure. Rather allow yourself an open verdict. I’ve seen such people return, because the positive effects took a while to reveal themselves.

Remember it can even take several weeks for the energy change to be fully processed and integrated…

We also have to accept that on occasions there will never be any conscious acknowledgement that the Reiki helped in any way. Humans are complicated and our experiences are working on many different levels. We cannot always be privy to these.

Then again it could be that you were perhaps a little off balance on that day. No one can be at their best all of the time.

Unfortunately we also have to accept that we just might not be the best fit as a Reiki Practitioner for that particular individual. Remember that can be the case whilst running any business in life. You can be an excellent hairdresser for instance, but not everyone will come to you for their haircut. You will attract the right customers for you. If a person chooses to go to the salon on the corner rather than yours, it doesn’t reflect on your ability to style hair or to please a customer. Allow Reiki clients to have that same flexibility of choice. Matching a person to the right therapist means it won’t always be you. (It’s an energy thing!)

We’ll review some other possibilities in the next post.

Until then, be well and happy.”

Sarah x

Sarah Cooper is the author of the book “Working with Reiki” available on Amazon:

“Great book full of down to Earth wisdom, speaks from the heart. Some great tips. Loved it.” MT

“A really good book for anyone wanting to start their own business as a reiki practitioner, but also full of useful info for those of us just thinking about it and full of useful tips.

Written in easy to understand terminology. Everyone should have a copy.” ZL

More on Sarah Cooper!

Sarah completed her training as a Reiki Master in 2005. Since then she has worked with a vast spectrum of people experiencing a wide range of conditions – from the physical to the more emotional in nature. She believes in empowering the individual, helping them to bring their own life back into a state of balance and well-being.

Having worked in Harley Street, London, Sarah now runs a clinic in Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire.

Sarah is a member of the Reiki Healing Association and holds a current DBS certificate.

She has featured on BBC 3 Counties Radio as their Reiki expert, and is author of the book “Working with Reiki“.

A Selection of Testimonials

“I have had a handful of Reiki sessions with Sarah already and I can honestly say it’s been truly amazing. Sarah is such a wonderful therapist – she’s warm, friendly and caring – all the attributes that make a perfect Reiki practitioner. I walk out of each session so relaxed, with a big smile on my face and I feel totally recharged. I start looking forward to my next session as soon I have left my last one. I’ve recommended Sarah to everyone I know as I honestly feel that her sessions have helped me so much. I just wish I’d started years ago!”
S Gooding

“It is difficult to put into words the amazing Reiki experience I have with Sarah, you really need to experience it for yourself! With her calm and caring manner you feel instantly at ease in her presence and able to share your hopes for the session. As the session begins Sarah takes you into a peaceful state; allowing you to relax and open your body and mind to the energizing powers of Reiki. What you will experience during this time will be unique to you but I will say is that it has helped me to feel grounded during challenges and trust in myself and the strength I have to overcome these. I have already recommended Sarah to many of my friends, family and work colleagues and look forward to continuing my sessions with her on a regular basis.”
S Lewis

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