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“Make sure you do this with your Reiki clients.

It’s important to ensure that you meet your clients at their level…

By the end of an appointment, naturally we’ll have hoped the Reiki will have changed the way they feel in the most positive direction, but initially we’re looking simply to create a good and strong connection with the individual concerned. To build a level of rapport from the outset.

It can therefore be helpful to remember during the consultation phase, that we are wanting to encourage someone who may feel vulnerable, to open up to us and share often very personal details about their situation.

Of course one of the great positives of using Reiki as a therapy, is that if a client feels unable to reveal details of their circumstances, it doesn’t matter. The Reiki will simply know how to help them and we can just stand back and marvel at its abilities to do so.

However, in any session we are aiming for our clients to relax as fully and completely as possible – feeling comfortable in our company is paramount.

Whilst the Reiki energy will be working at numerous levels – beautifully doing its thing to change their energy – it’s therefore a good idea to ensure that physically you communicate with your client as an equal, so that we avoid coming across as superior in any way.

A simple way of achieving this, is to ensure that you both sit on similar (ideally the same) height of chair during the consultation, thereby maintaining eye contact without them either looking down or up to you.

It’s a simple thing but it really helps.

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Sarah Cooper

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