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I would like to share a technique I used whilst giving Reiki to one of my clients. It interests me, and hopefully you, because it appeared to change the energy of the session, and for the better…

Sarah Cooper

The lovely client concerned was prompted to seek treatment with me because, sadly, she had been diagnosed with MS. The effects of her condition are most acute in her legs, which suffer a range of symptoms but most notably varying degrees of numbness.

When working on her legs the other day, I was finding it difficult to sense the Reiki energy flowing through them. The sensations of energy that I usually feel in my hands as I give a treatment, were greatly reduced.

Please note, however, that doesn’t always mean a lack of Reiki flowing to the client. In my experience, although it appears there is often a correspondence between the strength of the energy I feel as the Practitioner and the perceptions of the energy from the client’s perspective, that is not always the case. There have been times when I have been feeling much less activity than normal only to be told of major responses and sensations by a client in the post-treatment feedback.

On this occasion, however, it felt as if the energy was just not making its way to that part of her body. There was a flat, lifeless feeling there. Five minutes or more later, no change. So I got a bit demanding. Probably not a regular emotional state for us lovers of Reiki, and certainly not usually in my nature.

However, I found myself demanding that the energy flow in her legs.

As I did so, I both saw and felt a huge sideways twitch in both her ankles. Almost as if an electric shock had been applied. Instantly I could also sense one of the ways in which I usually experience that comforting strong flow of Reiki energy through my hands. I stayed there for around a further ten minutes, until I felt drawn to spend time at her head.

Later on, I returned to work on her legs again. The energy felt like it was still flowing beautifully and an image came in my mind’s eye. A pair of bamboo canes were running up either side of each leg, similar to splints around a broken limb. Growing up the canes were verdant green runner beans. Yep, I sometimes receive some very random symbolism to show me how the Reiki is helping! The feeling though was that the Reiki was like the canes – supporting new growth – and the beans were representing the way that the energy was helping her legs respond. As I thought this, there was another really big jump in her legs. It felt like confirmation.

Whilst I mostly run my treatments in a way that simply hands over control to the Reiki, it does show that sometimes we need to add a bit of ourselves into the process too.

Happy experimenting.

Until next time, stay well and happy.

Sarah x

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