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Some people consider reiki to be something quite separate and unique, or even occult-like in its nature and quality, but I think it’s helpful to keep in mind that the fundamental meaning of reiki (the noun) is ‘Universal Life Energy’ – the ubiquitous energy found within all living things, inanimate things, and also covering the expanses of the cosmos.

To shed light on the nature of Universal Energy (Reiki), I have decided that, rather than writing a long-hand description, I will present several magnificent quotations from the most brilliant minds, describing energy wonderfully.


Please enjoy…

‘When all forms of energy are accounted for, the total amount of energy in the universe is constant. In any conversion of energy from one form to another (light to chemical, mechanical to electric), energy is neither created nor destroyed. This is the first law of thermodynamics.’ Life: The Science of Biology, Purves, Orians, Heller & Sadava. (2003)


‘At high enough energies, particles can be born out of a background of pure energy (waves), exist for the briefest while, and then dissolve again into other particles or return to the background sea of energy.’ The Quantum Self, Danah Zohar (1991)


‘All particles can be transmuted into other particles; they can be created from energy and can vanish into energy. In this world, classical concepts like ‘elementary particle’, ‘material substance’ or ‘isolated object’, have lost their meaning; the whole universe appears as a dynamic web of inseparable energy patterns.’ The Tao of Physics, Dr Fritjof Capra (1992)


‘I find it extremely suggestive that modern physics has shown that when matter is investigated , it is revealed as an ocean of energy and light.’ The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Sogyal Rinpoche (2012)


‘Energy is a by-product of consciousness; it is the demonstration of consciousness in a denser but still subtle form.’ Intuitive Wellness, Laura Alden Kamm (2006)


A therapeutic touch practitioner and his patient entered a magnetically shielded chamber containing a SQUID detector. The practitioner held his hand close to the patient, and a baseline recording was made with the SQUID. Then the therapist relaxed into the meditative or healing state that is the focus of the therapeutic touch method. Immediately the SQUID detected a large biomagnetic field emanating from the practitioner’s hand.’ Energy Medicine, James L. Oschman (2000)


Reiki (rei means “universal”; ki is life energy) is believed is believed to have its origins in ancient Tibetan healing techniques, which were rediscovered in the nineteenth century by Dr Mikao Usui…

Japan has a long tradition of ki healing – using life energy to heal oneself and others. This tradition is seen in acupuncture, shiatsu, and self-massage and is also found in both martial arts and exercise therapies that have a spiritual or religious basis.’ The Healing Path, Jacqueline Young, Published by Thorsons (2001).

I believe that by maintaining an awareness of the comprehensive nature of reiki: understanding that it’s the fundamental energy composing all creation and underlying all activity; we can avoid limiting the true magnitude of the Universal Life Energy, and truly appreciate its limitless power and significance.

This insightful article (below) is by Chia-Yen Oh from Reiki Chia.

When people find out I am a ‘Reiki Master’, I am often asked ‘What is Reiki?’ and ‘Is it the therapy with stones?’ Reiki is the therapy with a Reiki Healer’s hands – no stones involved (the therapy with stones is ‘hot stones therapy’)

For me, Reiki is a highly positive energy that transforms lives – on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It is a Japanese word for ‘universal life force energy’. which is an ancient form of energy healing and is channelled by a Reiki healer, usually through their hands. The Reiki healer would place their hands above or on the body and apply the energy to the body. It may sound far-fetched, but if you really think about it, we are all made up of energy. As Reiki is a high-vibrational energy, it can penetrate all our energy fields working on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Reiki healing is great for relaxation, reducing stress and promotes healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. My favourite Reiki benefit is that it helps you deal with everyday life in a more positive and calm way. You start thinking and feeling more positively allowing you to feel more happiness and peace within.

Rachel, ICT implementer, says:

“In the most stressful year any of us have had, I think Chia’s Reiki sessions have really helped with my sometimes chaotic mindset, and this has been amazing in helping me cope.

I always feel so much calmer and a real sense of peace after a Reiki session”

Remote Reiki:

Even more amazing, being energy, as well as taking place in person, I can send Reiki across the World and even via Zoom or MS Teams.

In a Reiki session, the Reiki works on our energy centres, known as chakras. We all have 7 major chakras, which are all associated with different parts of the body and your emotional wellbeing. For example, your heart chakra in the centre of the body is associated with the heart, lungs, thymus, love, compassion, self-acceptance and relationships.

What I love about Reiki is it is safe, non-invasive and very intuitive. You do not have to tell the Reiki healer anything, Reiki can go to where it is needed. So, if you have been going through work stress, a relationship break-up, whatever it is, Reiki will work on your highest good. Reiki is for everyone, whether you love healing therapies or are a little curious about energy.

If you would like to experience this positive and amazing energy for yourself, sign up for the Reiki Chia community and I will give you access to a Gifted Reiki session #GiftedReikiChiaSession #Reiki #Reikihealing

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