A musical journey into the ether of outer space, the powerful universal energy [Rei-ki]
The Electrified Cosmic Ether: A mantra-style groove by Ross Dadds.

For many years throughout the history of scientific exploration, universal energy [rei-ki] was referred to as the Cosmic Ether. The ether was considered the primordial substance underlying all matter and all manifestation.

In general terms, the majority of scientists considered the key properties of the universe to be vibratory in nature – vibrations radiating through every area of space, and also existing within all living beings. That vibrational activity was often described as carrying information, making it possible for the many processes occurring in our world to continue in an organized, meaningful way.

But the brilliant British physicist Sir Oliver Lodge reasoned that vibrations must be occurring within something; a ground substance of some kind which ‘carries’ the vibrating avtivity. It makes sense, and Oliver Lodge agreed with many other scientists in nominating the cosmic ether as that primordial substance in which vibrations occur.

Despite carrying out extensive research and calculating the staggering electrical power held within the ether, the ether could not comprehensively be measured, and eventually was dropped in favour of more contemporary theories of ‘what vibrations travel within’, none of which have succeeded.

But Oliver Lodge did understand that the power held within the ether was so powerful because it was a perfect continuum, without break or separation of any kind. He successfully calculated that each cubic millimetre of the ether carries the power of a million-horsepower powerstation operating continually for forty million years!

That is the power held within universal energy [rei-ki].

Oliver Lodge’s stunning research is now wrongly viewed as being redundant, as described by Wilhelm Reich & James De Meo, in The Orgone Accumulator Handbook, 2010.

‘Today, every physics textbook starts out with the falsehood that “the ether was never measured or demonstrated”. It should be pointed out that the theories of relativity and quantum dynamics, plus the expanding universe and “big bang” theories, are utterly shattered by the discovery of an energy in space, and many physicists, who cling to their theories rigorously, simply refuse to look at this kind of evidence. Worse, the discipline of physics has become a multi-billion-dollar industry supporting very questionable technologies, such as nuclear reactors, “hot” fusion research (which has never yet produced even enough power for a single light-bulb), and massive particle accelerators. This kind of Big-Scienceresearch has not brought forth any real benefits or fruits for humankind, but is composed of sacred-cows which, like the MD-hospital- pharmaceutical industry, are threatened to the core by these discoveries of a primary, cosmic life energy. The physics community has unfortunately reacted to these new findings with the same arrogance and viciousness that characterizes the medical communities’ reaction to the life energy.’

James De Meo (2010).

Rest assured, the universal energy [rei-ki] is astonishingly powerful, even beyond our imagination. We are composed of that magnificent energy.

We are all truly blessed.

Ross Dadds


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