The UK Reiki Federation is the largest Reiki-only professional organisation in the UK and is setting the highest standards for Reiki.  In leading UK Reiki education standards, it also approves and publicises accredited training courses for anyone interested in Reiki and these accredited courses are recognised and also publicised by the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).  It is intended that the UK Reiki Federation will soon accredit Animal Reiki training.

The UK Reiki Federation has been aware of the growing interest in Animal Reiki and are delighted that they launched Animal Reiki Practitioner membership in early 2021.  For more information and to apply for this membership, please use this link

Animal Reiki has been on the UK Reiki Federation agenda for many years, coupled with their concern about the quality of some Animal Reiki training and the desire to raise standards to a credible base level.   Their Animal Reiki Co-ordinator, Sue Malcolm, commented “We were especially unhappy with training that offered no practical in-person, guidance, observation and support, that lacked essential legislation and that purely focused on Reiki without understanding animals. Reiki is often sought to help anxious and frightened animals and gaining their trust is paramount.  This necessitates understanding animals and well as understanding Reiki.”

This led to the UK Reiki Federation taking action, and not just within its own organisation.  All Reiki Council member organisations were invited to be involved in a project to collectively develop national training standards, in conjunction with agriculture and animal health sector skills body Lantra.  The UK Reiki Federation is keen to see Reiki become a mainstream, complementary therapy for animals and recognises that formal research is required too, and this is definitely a step in the right direction.

As well as offering Animal Reiki Practitioner membership, the UK Reiki Federation have just launched a new one-day, online workshop titled Understanding Animals.  This informative workshop is being held via zoom and is for any UKRF Practitioner or student member or non-member, who offers Reiki to animals.  Feedback from these workshops has exceeded all expectations, with comments such as “A fabulously informative day”, “Brilliant” “Thoroughly enjoyed”, and “I’ll now look at animals in a whole new way”.

To book this workshop or to find out more, please use this link

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