This autumn we bring you a very special edition of Touch Magazine, celebrating 30 years of the Reiki Association. Our beautiful front cover has been painted by Liz Maycox, an artist, designer and Reiki student in Brooklyn, New York. It sets the tone for some of the things we want to rejoice about, as we honour all those who have shaped and nurtured the Reiki Association. The themes running through this magazine are collaboration, community spirit, friendships, connection and the power of Reiki in the world.

As well as looking back to the very first meeting and landmarks in TRA’s history, we also shine a spotlight on many of the services that TRA provides for it’s members, which are facilitated by dedicated volunteers, known as our ‘Circle of Service’. There are contributions from members of our global community, such as Paul Mitchell who recognise the Reiki Association’s value in the world, and lineage bearer Johannes Reindl has a special happy birthday message for our readers.

We also hear from some of our newer members who will undoubtedly be carrying Reiki forward in the world for many years to come; and Ben Haggard, a pioneer in Regenerative Thinking poses some enlightening questions that might help our Reiki community evolve.

It’s a bumper 68-page full colour magazine, with 50 contributors, some stunning commissioned images and inspiring poetry, so grab yourself a cup of tea and take time to sit back and have a read. Thank you for supporting Touch Magazine and the Reiki Association. This edition is for you, our wonderful members and subscribers!

Deb Hoy, Editor

If you are not already a member of The Reiki Association or a subscriber to Touch, and would like to subscribe to this issue or receive Touch in the future, here is the link:


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