Introducing the second of three posts from Sarah Cooper, the author of the book “Working with Reiki: The essential guide to running a successful Reiki practice.” (see link below).

In our review of some of the signs to look out for, the following might be overlooked by the less experienced, or maybe even seen as disrupting a relaxing treatment, rather than a welcome reaction to it…

STOMACH GURGLING – It is common for a person’s stomach to gurgle. This is a very positive sign – where the digestive system is responding to energy changes. But unfortunately it is often coupled with a sense of shame. Most of us typically feel embarrassment when it happens, but please put your client at ease under such circumstances.

When I have forgotten to mention up front that this can be a regular experience during a treatment, I softly say on the first time it happens, something like “and welcome any energy movements in your stomach, as confirmation of your body responding well to the Reiki.” This aids the client in welcoming what they might otherwise find a humiliating experience and avoid, as much as possible, self-criticism just at the time when Reiki is directing them to find more self-love.

COUGHING – Bit of an odd one this, as it may of course be a ‘normal’ cough that’s just a very minor disturbance, to an otherwise restful experience. However, be aware that sometimes coughing definitely is a way of clearing out energy from the body.

Essentially it is another example of an unconscious, unrequested response. As such it’s a sign of the body doing what it feels it needs to do. Physically reacting to the Reiki by forcefully expelling energy.

It can be very helpful to highlight to a client the potential benefit of the event – that it’s a form of ‘letting go’ in some way. Assuring them that they do not need to apologise when it happens.

Be aware though, that the one doing the coughing can, on occasion, be you!

It took me several years to establish that a particular type of cough takes me over, when it isn’t (in a way) anything to do with me. When it’s more about helping the client to release energy that they otherwise cannot.

The reason it took so long was that I had to agree with myself that it wasn’t just random coughing that was affecting me. I kept questioning “Why do I need to cough just once or twice in that treatment, and at no other time in the last five months?”

Part of my answer came with the fact that this particular type of energy release causes my throat to constrict in a particularly unpleasant way first. This fact enabled me to assess that the cough was ‘different’ to what I would consider usual. I don’t want to put you off. It is after all just a minor inconvenience. But my throat tightens like it’s being twisted and compressed, and there is no way of suppressing it. It’s coming out whether I want it to or not.

Having gone on to discuss the situation with other Practitioners, I realised I was not alone. Whilst infrequent, this means it is entirely possible that you could find it happening to you too. If you do, just go with it, and be pleased that whatever is going on is significant enough to cause such a strong physical reaction, because it may be signalling a watershed moment. For instance one recipient told me that when I coughed for energetic reasons during a treatment, it was as if a whole level of stress had lifted out of them, and another that their overly-busy mind had suddenly been able to settle into calm just as it happened!

I’ll mention some more signs to look out for in my next post. Until then, stay well and be happy.

With love,

Sarah x

Sarah Cooper is the author of the book “Working with Reiki: The essential guide to running a successful Reiki practice.” Available on Amazon at:…/dp/1070357723/ref=sr_1_1…

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