There are many brilliant, enlightening books exploring the art and science of reiki practices. Please enjoy the wonderful range of books listed below.

Working with Reiki: The essential guide to running a successful Reiki practice, by Sarah Cooper.

An essential read for anyone wishing to use their Reiki skills for the treatment of others. This book will ensure you know everything from how to set up your business, through to how best to handle a range of challenging client scenarios when Reiki appointments don’t appear to be going as you expected.“How can I tell if the Reiki is working?” “What can I do if my client has a panic attack during a treatment?” “How does Data Protection affect my business?” “Should I be asking for payment?” These and a wealth of other questions are answered with great insight and a sprinkling of humour by a Reiki Master who has featured on BBC radio, and who works at The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living – one of the leading complementary health and well-being centres in the UK. Here is a book that will put you deeply at your ease, whilst making sure you benefit from understandings that usually come only after years of working in the field. With this book you will feel you have the perfect mentor by your side, even when your teacher is long gone. The author skilfully guides you away from the unwelcome lows and towards the heart-lifting highs of working with Reiki, (even if you have not been feeling the Reiki flow…yet). Sharing not only the practical, but also the emotional side of working with this beautiful energy, and providing inspiration whilst ensuring you don’t let your self-doubts defeat you. Written in an easy-going, entertaining style, and packed with enlightening case studies, this book will tell you everything you need to know to run a successful treatment, and for the more experienced, how to raise your appointments to the next level.


“I can’t even begin to stress how wonderful and useful this book is. If you are thinking about learning reiki, are already on the path or even practicing, then this book is a must have. It’s given me so much information, pointers and inspiration that I don’t know what I would of done without it! If you only buy one reiki book to help you get started then this is it! Full of things only someone that has been there and done it would know! So glad I found it.” Emma

“Great book full of down to Earth wisdom, speaks from the heart. Some great tips. Loved it.” MT

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Plant Spirit Reiki: Energy Healing with the Elements of Nature, Fay Johnstone.

In this book Shamanic Herbalist and Reiki Master Teacher Fay Johnstone introduces the power of nature and intuitive plant medicine to demonstrate how Reiki practitioners can partnership with the forces of nature for powerful healing for themselves, others and our planet to enrich their personal or professional healing practice. The author shares this heart centred journey of Reiki, plants and innate connection with the natural world which is essential for our health and wellbeing based on her own experience with plants, herbal medicine and twenty years of Reiki practice.

There are simple exercises, practical guidance and inspiration to help the reader intuitively connect with the natural world and develop their understanding of key plants together with sacred ways to work in partnership with plants as part of their Reiki practice.

The reader will discover key skills to help them open to the guidance from the plants themselves for personal healing. Clear direction is also provided on how to enhance self-practice and Reiki treatments for others by bringing the outside in, using elements of nature, plant prayer and many other sacred forms of plant medicine, enabling the client to benefit from the spirit of nature and Reiki energy during a treatment. Plants, Reiki and the Chakras, Reiki and the elements for soul healing and combining plants and the Reiki principles are also explained.

The author emphasizes the importance of Reiki for nature, providing guidance on how to raise the vibration of your home and local community by healing the plants and the green spaces in your neighbourhood. How to send distance healing to the Earth, nature beings and endangered habitats across the world is also covered and encouraged as part of our responsibility as earth-keepers and care-takers.

Whatever your level of Reiki training, experience with or interest in energy healing, inside this book you’ll find inspiration to reach out to the vital force that flows within the natural world and open your intuition to the guidance and support for your personal journey and healing practice. The emphasis is on partnership, sacred relationship, coming back into alignment with who we really are and the understanding that in healing ourselves, we are also healing our Earth.

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