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The Spirit of Reiki

The Spirit of Reiki was written by three world renowned Reiki masters which makes this book a first. Never before have three Reiki masters from different lineages and with such extensive backgrounds come together to write a book and share their experience.

To quote the authors:

“We decided to write this book together to share our love and knowledge of Reiki with each other and with the Reiki community. It is our hope that with this book, the love that we have for each other and for Reiki will spread throughout the Reiki community around the world.”

This book contains a wealth of information on Reiki never before brought together in one place. The broad spectrum of topics range from the search for a scientific explanation of Reiki energy to Reiki as a spiritual path. It includes the latest understanding of Dr. Usui’s original healing methods, how Reiki is currently practiced in Japan, an analysis of the Western evolution of Reiki, and a discussion about the direction Reiki is likely to take in the future. The fact that harmony is developing between Reiki groups is discussed and the author’s own collaboration in writing this book is offered as an example. Each shares his own personal experiences about what led them to the Reiki path and how they were guided to a deeper understanding of its principles. All of Reiki’s meaningful aspects are clearly explained in. The latest knowledge and developments, as well as the original traditions are presented. Never before has a Reiki book of this depth and comprehen-siveness been available.

This Revolutionary Book Includes:

Understanding Japanese and Western Reiki
The nature of Reiki energy including a scientific explanation
An in-depth analysis of the Reiki symbols
A discussion of the teacher/student relationship
Reiki as a spiritual path
An additional 20 Usui treatment positions which have not been previously published
The Hayashi Healing Guide
The Future of Reiki Purchase the book at:

Purchase this wonderful book at:

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Walter Lübeck

Founder and CEO of Rainbow Reiki®, Author and Spiritual Teacher.


Walter Lübeck was born in 1960 and has been a spiritual teacher since 1988. He had his first spiritual experience when he was two and a half years old when an angel appeared to him. Since then Walter has developed his knowledge and skills in the spiritual world. Interrupted by his military service, a few years of studying, and seven years working in the industry, Walter started his career as a spiritual teacher. What motivated him most was his psychological and physical illness that he suffered from as a result of working in the industry.


Today Walter has about 29 years of experience as a spiritual teacher, coach and author. He lives at the Weserbergland in northern Germany between beautiful landscapes, and in the middle of ancient power places and mystical sites like the Externsteine. Most of the time he’s teaching lessons to his students at the Rainbow Zentrum in Hameln, northern Germany, and other international spiritual venues.


Walter Lübeck has been trained in the western (Takata) and Japanese Reiki tradition (Jikkiden). Western lineage / Master / teacher – 1989: Usui – Hayashi – Furumoto – Brigitte Müller * Japanese lineage (Jikkiden) Shihan Kaku – 2002: Usui – Hayashi/Wasaburo Sugano – Chiyoko Yamagushi/Tadao Yamagushi. Since his first encounter with Reiki back in 1987 he has done some significant research into the Usui system of natural healing, its roots and its possibilities.

Erfolge Walter Lübeck

Walter has written about 25 books which were translated into 20 different languages. He published many articles in spiritual journals and appeared on TV- and radio shows. With about 1450 seminars given and 300 educated Rainbow Reiki® masters worldwide, Walter is now known for his high quality and practically oriented Reiki seminars. It is important for him that his knowledge is applied to have a positive impact on the every-day life of people. That way, Walter would like to make his contribution to the healing of our world.

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