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Temple Of The Rose

Ancient power. Expression. Activation. Scarlet codes.

“For millennium feminine power, expression, and wisdom have been suppressed. As a result, the feminine has been silenced, dismissed, and disrespected.

We’ve become so disconnected from the Mother Earth and have stopped revering our elders. But times are finally changing and we are all part of this change.

Every time we honor our body, express our wisdom, share our voice, and connect with our sensuality, we help heal the sacred thread of the feminine.

Every time we call back our power, we heal the sacred thread of the feminine.

Every time we come together in a circle, we heal the sacred thread of the feminine.

Every time we honor our cyclic nature and the cycles of nature, we heal sacred thread of the feminine.

Regardless of which gender you identify with (if any), this is a card of calling back your power. It is a card of lovingly expressing your truth, no matter what it is. It’s a card of sharing your Soul’s voice is singing this song that you came here to sing.

This is a card of activation. It is a call to action. It is a remembrance. You are the child of the ancient Goddess.

As you express yourself, you express for all who could not. As you claim your power, you do so for all those who cannot. Each shackle you break through, you free those who are yet to come.

Remember to share your voice, sing your song, dance your dance, we clean your power. This is what you came here for.

Think about this. How are you being called to call back your power, express your truth, or honor this cyclic nature within?”

The Rose Oracle by

Rebecca Campbell


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