The Omnipresence of Universal Energy

By Ross Dadds

Universal energy is everywhere. It is found within all things and also beyond their outer borders, forming an interconnected, energetic oneness throughout the universe.

Reiki practices are a perfect example of that energetic oneness, a skilled reiki practitioner being capable of channelling universal energy for the benefit of others, themselves, or the environment – past, present or future.

But reiki practice involves invisible, unseen energies. How can we determine that they actually exist? How can we be certain that they are ever-present in our world, affecting our daily lives, and constantly animating our bodies, souls and minds? 

An unexpected answer to the above questions, comes from gaining an understanding of a lesser-known universal entity: a mysterious subatomic particle known as the Neutrino.

Neutrinos magnificently demonstrate the energetic oneness filling the entire universe. And by grasping the esoteric properties of neutrinos, the omnipresence of universal energy becomes clearer, reinforcing our awareness of reiki’s ever-present magnificence.

Like myself, most people have been educated to see the world in terms of centimetres, metres and kilometres; or inches, yards and miles. And while that viewpoint is necessary to navigate our way through the macroscopic realm, the microscopic world of neutrinos offers a completely different version of reality.

Most neutrinos are born in the center of the Sun, and that has been the case since time immemorial. But every other star in the solar system also creates these enigmatic will-of-the-wisps, flooding the universe with their ghostly presence.

Besides being formed in the Sun and the stars, other neutrinos are born from natural radioactivity occurring in the bodies of living beings, including ours, produced from the potassium and calcium in our bones and teeth. We all generate universal energy!

Neutrinos are one of the most elementary manifestations of reiki energy, existing in a subtle form somewhere between pure ‘fluid-like’ energy and visible matter. And we ourselves, along with the Sun and stars, constantly share them with all creation. As you read this sentence, you are illuminating the universe with neutrinos’ magical glow, spreading reiki’s wisdom to the far reaches of the galaxy.

And if we viewed the world around us with eyes capable of seeing neutrinos, night would be as bright as a sunlit day, as neutrinos shine down on our heads by day and upward from the earth, and our own bodies by night.

Reiki’s loving light is everywhere and ever-present. Neutrinos provide us with scientific proof.

Neutrinos are the most abundant thing in the universe, far more abundant than all of the electrons and protons that construct matter and all living things. And they are also the strangest and otherworldly, as they defy every conventional rule regarding the behavior of energy, particles and matter.

Neutrinos effortlessly travel through solid planets and stars (and our bodies) like javelins passing through thin air, never interacting with or disturbing the planet’s matter or structure – like omniscient, all-seeing guardians – animating, but never interfering.

How similar the above description is to the all-knowing wisdom of reiki energy – overseeing our ability to heal with timeless care and wisdom.  At this very moment, you’ll be receiving about 3 trillion cosmic neutrinos every second, racing through your body as if you are a pane of glass, animating you with healing reiki energy.

But neutrinos are shy and enigmatic, having baffled the minds of physicists for decades since their discovery. Nothing about their behavior or existence makes sense. They are ghostly, virtually having no mass, and having no electric charge at all (a unique, inexplicable situation). Perhaps they are what reiki practitioners often refer to as Source?

Amazingly, it would take more than 100,000 neutrinos to equal the mass of one electron. Yet despite their minuscule size, their enormous numbers guarantee that they outweigh all visible matter in the entire galaxy, and have done so for 13 billion years.

Considering the phenomenal numbers of neutrinos occupying the cosmos, many physicists believe in the existence of a neutrino sea, being similar to the orgone ocean and the cosmic ether of space. But regardless of what name we ascribe to the neutrino sea, it is obvious that the universe itself is not merely a squeezed-together compilation of separate particles.

Despite the views of physicists though, energy healers have always known that the universal ocean of energy is reiki energy, and is accessible to us via the gift of reiki symbols. But by acknowledging the work of scientists and embracing the presence of neutrinos, we can deepen our awareness of reiki energy even further, assuring ourselves that universal energy is constantly animating our bodies, souls, minds, and connecting us with the far reaches of the galaxy.

We are forever swimming in an ocean of neutrino particles, which themselves are pure reiki energy.

Article written by, Ross Dadds.


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