I am very proud to share this magnificent reiki article by Justin B. Stein.

Justin B. Stein

Una buona notizia per gli italiani! (and for others interested in Reiki history)

Federico Scotti of My Reiki Center (Milan) hosted me for an original talk (with Italian interpretation) back in May and the whole thing is up on YouTube. The subject is the connection between the kokoro (heart-mind), New Thought, and deity yoga in Usui-sensei’s teachings. Unfortunately I contracted Covid shortly before I was scheduled to give the talk so it ended up being delivered online (and I wasn’t at my best during the Q&A), but it all went relatively well given the circumstances and I’m planning to do some more research on the subject and develop it as an article in the coming year.

Also, several years ago I translated into English the section of Tomabechi Gizō’s 1951 memoir where he discusses his training under Usui-sensei and his personal Reiki practice, and I am happy to announce that Federico’s Italian translation is also now publicly available.

I will put links for both in the comments below. If you’re interested in the English (or Spanish or German) version of the translation, it’s available at my website justinstein.academia.edu


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