The Reiki Summit is Over,
But We’d Love To Keep Supporting Your Path…

This transformational event broadcasted November 11-16, 2022.

Together, we’ve explored…

  • How to become one with Reiki on a daily basis, not just when life challenges us – with Inamoto Hyakuten
  • The 4 pillars you need to develop to become a professional Reiki practitioner – with Kate Jones
  • A profoundly groundbreaking breath underwater experience called Empowered by River of Peace – with William Lee Rand
  • Why it is our responsibility as lightworkers to release the energy of the past – with The Great Mother Healer Rekhit Kajara
  • If intention plays a role in the power of the symbols when we use them – with Mark Hosak
  • Ways through which our Reiki practice has changed and expanded over the years – with Kathie Lipinski
  • The very clear recipe of Mikao Usui for awakening the divine luminosity within ourselves – with Frans Stiene
  • What we can do to help animals heal and fill them with life force and vitality – with Colleen & Robyn Benelli
  • How to cultivate inner peace via a deeper practice with the Reiki symbols – with Bruce Taylor
  • Tips to overcome some of our struggles as Reiki practitioners – with Tina Zion
  • The shamanic roots of Reiki teaching and Usui’s secret methods to invite happiness – with Nicholas Pearson

And many more!

And we would love to keep growing through shared experiences and have you onboard for our next summits and events!

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5 Attributes of a Reiki Teacher


Stepping into the space of Reiki Teacher is a tremendous responsibility and a great honour. When you qualify as a Reiki Master Teacher it is assumed and accepted that you will … Becoming a Reiki Teacher was not something I really planned to do. I was quite content and honoured with practicing Reiki to support, assist and guide my clients…

Reiki to Help Cultivate A Peaceful Heart


Can you cultivate a peaceful heart with your Reiki? Yes, but it does take time and dedicated practice. The word “cultivate”, in this context, means to develop a skill. You are already a Reiki practitioner, so what skill is it that you need to develop? The openness and receptivity for the Reiki to help create a balanced and harmonious peacefulness…

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