LightWorkers… At this time 

It is ESSENTIAL at this time to truly connect back with your self. Acknowledge what you have healed and what you have moved through. This is about self respect and self recognition. Take time to genuinely be aware that you have been in the healing mode for years now (maybe 3-10 years to be exact!). We are holding an all day ceremony called BLOOM which has been created exactly for this purpose, as guided to us by our guides. Learn more about this here

Why take time? Because energy is about to speed up, as we as lightworkers are increasing our high frequency transmissions again. This is not necessarily consciously seen or experienced for everyone but you may notice a sudden shift in gears, progress, change or general state of being, start to occur for the remainder of the year.

Please listen to the podcast by Molly, an incredible channel and astrologer to help explain more.

Molly explains “We are being supported at higher levels of transformation for the good of the planet. This is why separations, removals, and moving forward are important themes at this time.”

In this podcast Molly speaks to the reality that many souls have come into this incarnation at this time, knowing it would be a lot of “work” in order to shift the planet to a higher frequency (does this sound like you? hehe). In 2021 we are in the midst of what I coin the Transmission-Transition; this funky overlap of what was and what is.

You may have noticed the Temples events have shifted slightly to support the current flow, which is moving us all. We are naturally holding space at present for self love, intimacy, self care, vitality and spiritual awareness as well as knowledge sharing.
This is no mistake..We have our hands on the pulse xo

Listen to Molly McCords Podcast~ Lightworker Mission Energies
Light of Mu is awakening…Can you feel it?

“Lemuria once existed in 3d on Earth and this is the age in time that we call Lemuria but Lemuria never went, it ascended into the ethers and into Middle Earth. Lemuria is therefore not about some by gone age but is still alive and well in the ethers and always has been there, and the great masters were and are of Lemuria including the Mermaids (Marys) and Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. Contrary to many reports Lemuria was seeded by Pleiadians as well as many other starseeds such as those form Sirius and Venus.”
Extracted from the words and workbook of Ishtara Rose, The Light of Lemuria. 
One of the awakenings that happening “concurrently” is the Lemurian awakening.
If you want to learn more about Lemuria I can recommend:
Debbie Solaris
Rakaiel Webb @iamrakaiel

If you want to EXPERIENCE Lemuria
Come along to my Lemurian Seeds Night!

FRI 1ST OCT 630PM | 3 HOURS | $22
Have you ever felt like you are from an ancient civilisation? One which was so intune with mother nature, thriving and wholesome? One which was deeply connected to the stars, moon and sun? If so..You are likely remembering your times as a Lemurian. Join Sarah as she takes us intuitively back to the home we all remember deep within our hearts. Reclaim your awareness that you are likely here again, 1000s of years later, to bring forth the New Earth!

EXPERIENCE INCLUDES Water Blessing Ritual in a large Lemurian AltarLarge Geo-Sacred Crystal Grid for receiving inCircle connection, heart to heart communicationA Lemurian Activation; as transmitted to Sarah from Eloise BennetWhale & dolphin song symphoniesRaw treats & chai
ACTIVATE Lemuria~ ticket link here
You dear one are most likely an advanced soul who has already been through an unbelievable amount of “lives” within just this one. So please do fully own this now and see us as a pillar of support for genuine soul wellness and evolution so you can awaken to your path. 

here as always,
lots of love
Sarah & the Spirit Earth Reiki team


  1. Thank you for sharing this! So appreciated it and how much time has flown since this. Much love! Sarah

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