“Hey Reiki Lovers!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner? I love Thanksgiving because it’s a day that brings communities together and reminds us that we are all in this together.

Here at ReikiCafe, community is our priority, and we love bringing Reiki lovers together through courses, podcasts, videos, Facebook, webinars… anything we can think of!

If you’re ready to connect with the amazing members of this Reiki community, join us for two exciting FREE events!!

On Monday, November 22nd, at 7pm MDT/ 9pm EDT we will be having a community call all about Self-Reiki for the Chakras. Unlocking the power of your Chakras is the KEY to stepping out from the weight of your limiting beliefs and negative patterns and becoming the person you were always meant to be.

It all begins with unleashing the power of your Chakras, vibrating at your highest level, and releasing everything that is holding you back. Join us for an hour-long webinar on how to use Reiki to unlock your full energetic potential through the Chakras.

Sign up for this FREE webinar here:


Then, on Monday, November 29th at 7pm MDT/ 9pm EDT we have a Business Q+A Call! You didn’t become a Reiki practitioner to do taxes, learn about branding, or figure out the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur. You became a Reiki practitioner so you could share your light with the world.

No matter how experienced we are, everybody has questions sometimes. So join ReikiCafe professor and founder, Christine Renee (yep that’s me) for a business Q+A, designed to answer any lingering questions you may have about your business goals and dreams!

Sign up for the live event here:

The livestreams into the Facebook group haven’t proven to be successful for the level of engagement we strive for, so we’re moving back to traditional webinars on Crowdcast! Please register! It will send you an email reminder and offer you the link for the replay if you miss it. So even if you know you can’t make it to the live event, be sure to register so we can send you the link for the replay!

In the meantime, don’t forget to join us in the ReikiCafe Community Facebook group, check out our latest blog and podcast, sign up for a Reiki Business Accelerator mini-course, or join our Reiki (Re)AwakeningWe have a buffet of options for you to bring your Reiki dreams into reality… which one will you choose?

See you soon!

In love and light,

Christine Renee

ReikiCafe University Founder and President


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