Have you been like me lately and thinking poor old Reiki is getting a bit of a hard time from these new therapies that are springing up left and centre? I have seen quite a few statements saying that Reiki has had it’s day and it’s kind of yesterday’s news. I look at this and feel it’s all a bit sad when someone tries to promote their new way of healing at the expense of the more traditional form.

Now here is the thing. Many of us forget that Reiki isn’t primarily focused upon healing, in fact in my understanding the healing aspect was almost a by product, especially when working on others. Reiki ought to be about self development and working with universal energy and of course your very good self.

Unfortunately this altruistic approach has been sidelined on the migration to western shores. Now the focus is primarily upon being a healer and of course there is absolutely no doubt that this certainly works. I, like many others reading this use this to good effect but I’m also aware that we must also work on ourselves in so many ways.

Am I someone who never puts a foot wrong, sits on top of a mountain channelling cryptic messages for all and sundry and practices the precepts every single day in perfect harmony? Absolutely not. I am a human being (I think!) and at times I do things that are not in my best interests and think why did you do that or how did that happen? This is all part of the human experience and Reiki for me is something I can call upon to help.

What we are now seeing though is a conflagration of new ideas primarily focused on knocking a fusty old therapy like Reiki into touch. I recently witnessed a post about some healing from a distant start proclaiming it is 3,500 times more effective than Reiki and downloaded from some intergalactic master of great renown and of higher dimensional healing.

Now I’m not here to denigrate such a healing modality but I will defend Reiki. The first thing that comes to mind is how they can be so sure that 3,500 times is an accurate figure and it is rather precise don’t you think? As for the downloads, hmm, I’ve been seeing more downloads going on than in Windows computers just lately and once upon a time they were simply called channelled messages. The trouble with downloads is that they can contain viruses you know and we ought to be careful about that. The funny thing also is though that this healing modality had the name Reiki after its initial name. Surely if it was so uber powerful, why soil the name with the name of Reiki after it? Why not just use healing or perhaps it just wanted to jump on that Reiki bandwagon?

What I love about Reiki is the simplicity of it all. There are not grand rituals being visited on you from some grand vizier from the Ulbattaraka System in Androgneinal prime. It’s just a case of connect, build, merge and flow. I’ve recently started Qi Gong which is an ancient energy cultivation series of exercises to help maintain our body, mind and spirit. Do these new methods now mean that this method of several thousand years is now perhaps obsolete? I will let you make your own mind up on that.

I know 5th dimensional healing works. I use at least 3 methods of this myself but I never ever knock Reiki and I will always use this also. As I’ve stipulated before, see these methods are all from the same tree. We have Reiki, we have spiritual healing and we may well have Zaranthian Altaar Reiki system from Unzania. Let us all respect each others methods and live in harmony.

Many thanks for reading my humble thoughts and may you all have a joyous week in whatever you do.

Article courtesy of Shiny Souls Reiki. Visit site: https://kingsraconteur.wixsite.com/shinysoulsreiki?fbclid=IwAR0Ft3eG3TU9CVkPnkVwe6r1vqFI_4kZq-nAU43AABZRLr3z16wW-oQanJ0

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