I am proud to be able to present another incredible outcome of reiki practice!

This anecdote is quite unusual, having occurred while being out in the community.

Several years ago, I was enjoying a lunch with my family in an outdoor cafe. We’d placed our orders and were sitting outside, chatting, reminiscing and laughing.

I soon became aware though, that each time we shared a funny story and broke out laughing, a man in a nearby location was mocking us. As we laughed, he was imitating us very loudly, bellowing, “Ha… ha… ha… ha… ha!” His ‘laughter was slow (pausing between every “Ha”), obviously designed to be intimidating, mocking and menacing!

I discreetly looked toward the man, enabling me to get an idea of who he was and why he was interacting with us in such a negative way. What I saw was incredible: he was in his mid-30s and about 25 yards away, shabbily dressed, and sitting directly beneath an ATM (an automatic money dispensing machine) belonging to one of Australia’s leading banks.

Sitting below the ATM was intimidating enough as it was, as anyone who wanted to withdraw cash had to step over him. I did assume though, that he had no personal knowledge of myself or my family, and that he was simply taking offence to our ‘happy gathering’, and was mocking us each time we laughed.

The man was staring at us constantly. Honestly, he looked exactly like Clint Eastwood in one of his famous roles: steely-eyed, intense, and very, very threatening and powerful.

Our lunch, chatting and laughter continued on, as did the loud, ridiculing “Ha… ha… ha… ha… ha-ing,” by the man seated below the ATM. And after 15 minutes or so, I was considering walking over and confronting the man. But I thought, “I am a reiki master! Surely I can think of a better solution than that?!”

So, quite naturally, I began mentally drawing the symbol Sei He Ki over the man as he slouched beneath the ATM. I was able to keep listening to my family talking while continually projecting the symbol toward the man. And I continued to do that for the next 5 minutes as we all kept chatting.

Soon afterward, I couldn’t believe my ears!! I heard the man below the ATM laughing in the most joyous way – it was beautiful, sweet, childlike belly-laughing… a spontaneous expression of uncontrollable happiness and high spirits.

I looked around toward the strange man, and saw him laying on his back below the ATM like an upturned cockroach, holding his stomach as he exploded with joyous laughter. He had lost all focus on myself and my family, and was simply in his own world of effervescent hysterics!

I caught my family’s attention and explained what I had done with the Sei He Ki symbol, and we all shared a moment of awe, stunned by the power of what seemed to have happened.

I cannot think of any other possible explanation for the sudden and extreme change in the man’s behavior. And since them, I have always kept Sei He Ki as a wonderful tool in my reiki kit-bag.

Blessing to you all,

Ross Dadds

Ross Dadds, Reiki World News

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