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Australia’s own Internationally renowned Mantra Artists, Sacred Earth

(Prem & Jethro Williams)

Uplifting. Expansive. Music from the heart. Ancient Mantra’s, soaring flutes, beautiful soothing melodies & harmonies that transport you to a state of deep peaceful bliss. Prem & Jethro travel the world with the intention to share music that touches the heart of the listener in the deepest place and to offer a space in which we can all listen deeply to the wisdom of our hearts and remember our purpose on this beautiful earth.

Having sold more than a quarter of a million albums, they’re Australia’s top-selling artists in the ambient music genre.

The incredibly popular Sacred Earth, hailing from Queensland, Australia, have a long history of producing superb, spiritually-blessed music, in addition to conducting uplifting retreats and mesmerizing concerts.

“Their ethereal sounds have blessed thousands of hours of my reiki treatments, covering many of their wonderful original albums.” Ross Dadds

Sacred Earth’s latest album is entitled, “Into The Light”…

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