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“Remote (or distance) Reiki is a standard Reiki treatment technique, that offers relaxation and deep clearing, across all dimensions of space and time (e.g. past, present, future) .

Remote Reiki allows a Reiki Practitioner to send Reiki to you, without you being physically present. This technique is so powerful, it has been written that “fifteen minutes of Distance Reiki is worth an hour of hands-on Reiki” (Reiki Master Karyn Mitchell Ph.D.). 

You remain in the comfort of your own home, and at an agreed time, I will tune into you, and send you Reiki remotely.

Once your appointment is confirmed, please complete the Client Info Form and return to me before the treatment.

This service is offered worldwide .

Remote Reiki Treatment guide*:
– Pre-treatment: I will read the information you provide on the client info sheet and develop a treatment plan (10mins)
– Remote Reiki Treatment (40min)
– Post-treatment: Follow-up email (10mins)
*Reiki is an intuitive practice, times are given as a guide only and may vary

Visit the link below to book your remote Reiki session .…/1hr-remote-reiki…

The information you provide on the Client Info Sheet will assist me to prepare for the treatment – please take your time to complete it, and include anything that comes up from the past or present.

The Reiki treatment may involve working on karmic and ancestral levels. All treatments include clearing blocked energy, balancing the chakras, and restoring the healthy flow of your universal life energy (Reiki).”


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