ReikiMove – Information and Introductory Session

“So, what exactly is ReikiMove® and what it can it do for you?

Well, ReikiMove® is a NEW Concept developed by Diana Bereczki, which works on the Physical Body & Energy Body at the same time, with the aim of getting the most effective mix of practices to bring your Mind & Body into Balance.

Using mindful movement (think along the lines of gentle Yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong) for Activating and Balancing our Chakra’s (the energy centres of the body) alongside Meditation, Breathwork, Grounding exercises and Reiki, we work on a physical, emotional and spiritual level at the same time, for a whole body and mind relaxation and healing experience.

A 1 hour group Introductory session for those who have not experienced ReikiMove before:

During this session I’ll give you an introduction to ReikiMove and how it works, what it involves and how you can take part in upcoming sessions. Then we will do a short sample ReikiMove session so you can get a feel for what a session involves. The session (as all ReikiMove sessions) will include:

1) Grounding & Breathwork – We start each session with a mix of effective techniques to bring our awareness to the present moment, preparing the mind & body for the energy work and allowing us to relax into the session and the space we are creating.

2) Chakra Activation Moves – We will move our bodies in a mindful way with the intention of opening, activating and balancing each energy centre of the body (chakras). When the chakras are open, the energy can flow freely, with positive effects for both the mind and the body. These guided mindful movements will also awaken the physical body, increase blood circulation, release stress and help us to recharge.

3) Meditation & Reiki – The last part of the session we will practice quieting our mind through a guided meditation allowing healing and transformation to take place while we relax and enjoy being fully present. During this time Reiki Energy will be sent by your ReikiMove® Instructor, in this case me, to you for deeper relaxation and for your highest and greatest good.

The session will help your body and mind to release negative or heavy energies, helping you let go of the negative patterns you may have in your life. You’ll feel the positive transformations both on a physical and emotional level; you’ll notice it right after your first class – feeling uplifted, more balanced and in control, calmer and more confident.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it! It is. So, come along and join me for this introductory ReikiMove® session and take a step towards a happier, healthier and more balanced you!

The session will take place on Zoom and the Zoom link and preparation information will be posted on this event page.

ReikiMove Sessions are currently £15.00 for an online session but I am offering this session FREE as I really want to share this wonderful practice with as many of you as possible and invite you to join me in future sessions.”


Miss Andree Ralph
Reiki Master, ReikiMove® Instructor, BSc (Hons) Psychology, PGCEEquus Earth – Holistic & Nature Based Healing and Life Coaching
Phone: 07886 981365

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