Reiki is the single underlying energy which composes all things. It is the spirit of the term Namaste.

We are all composed of pure energy – reiki – and coordinated by it, yet we struggle to understand what that energy actually is. How can that be so? How can we not understand the very thing that we are composed of?

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In Part Two of ‘What Is Reiki’, I will provide more insights into the research and investigation of universal energy, provided by contemporary scientists and physicians. In doing so, I will attempt to represent their views on the consciousness of reiki or universal energy.

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Barbara Ann Brennan, a renowned psychotherapist, physicist, author, and healer, describes a Universal Energy Field which is composed of a profoundly finer substance than what we normally identify as being physical matter.  That super-fine-grained energy has been described by most cultures since the beginning of recorded history – all of them, unfortunately, referring to that universal energy by different names, resulting in an inability to develop a common understanding.

The Universal Energy Field, or reiki energy, as described by Barbara Ann Brennan, occupies the entire universe, and permeates everything in existence: animate and inanimate objects alike. It flows between objects and follows the laws of entrainment, being the sympathetic cooperation of all things which have a similar rate of vibration.

The Universal Energy Field is also capable of building complex, cooperative structures, the process which is often referred to as negative entropy, and is the fundamental process whereby all living things develop there magnificent state of complexity.

The UEF is always associated with some form of consciousness, ranging from highly developed to very primitive. The highly developed consciousness is associated with the “higher vibrations” and energy levels.’

From: Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing through the Human Energy Field, Barbara Ann Brennan, 1988.

Barbara Ann Brennan goes on to describe the healing process being a process where balance is re-established between the many layers of the aura, including the physical structures of the body, as well as the mind, emotions, and spiritual aspects of the person being healed, using the Universal Energy Field as a source of pure, restorative energy, otherwise referred to as reiki.

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Laura Alden Kamm, a celebrated medical intuitive and energy healer, describes the universal energy as being conscious in nature. She also describes good health as stemming from a sense of wholeness, whereby one’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual selves are in balance, while also acknowledging our oneness with the larger forces of the universe.

Alden Kamm describes the fact that we, as humans, are composed of expansive, invisible energies and forces which are intelligent in nature. She also describes the fact that our bodies are composed of subtle channels and vortices (meridians and chakras). Her wonderful point of view is supported by Ayurvedic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the majority of indigenous cultures around the world, which have acknowledged that a vital life-force energy creates and sustains physical life.

When I speak of energy, I refer to two distinct qualities. First, energy is a by-product of consciousness; it is the demonstration of consciousness in a denser but still subtle form. Second, energy is more palpable than consciousness. For instance, when someone says something to you and you suddenly feel goose bumps or sourness in your stomach, you are feeling her consciousness physically as energetic sensations in your body. I call these “energetic impacts.” Energetic impacts stimulate both your neurological and biochemical systems, consequently affecting the grosser levels of matter in your body – muscles, organ tissues, and bone structures. The exercises contained in this book will help you feel energy; but for now, I simply want you to be aware that what you are feeling are levels of consciousness – thought forms – that reside in and around your physical body.

From: Intuitive Wellness: Using your Body’s Inner Wisdom to Heal, Laura Alden Kamm. 2006.

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Franz Mesmer (1734 – 1815) used a type of reiki on his patients, but attributed his powers to a hitherto unknown physical/psychic force. He described this force or fluid as permeating the universe and suggested that the human nervous system was somehow attuned to it. Mesmer treated his patients directly by channeling energy through his own body and transferring it into the affected part of the patient by laying-on of hands, and indirectly by ‘magnetizing’ iron bars or other objects. In pre-revolutionary Paris, Mesmer’s patients were treated in groups.

Mesmer spoke of animal magnetism as an atmospheric fluid which surrounded, charged, and animated living creatures, and could be projected across a distance by a therapist. He described the universal fluid as being continuous and without break or vacuum, and phenomenally subtle in nature. That property is the same as reiki’s ability to treat at a distance (Distant reiki healing).

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Psychologist Wilhelm Reich, who worked alongside Sigmund Freud, also researched the universal energy. He experiment reiki energy and its affect on people’s health and wellness. He discovered the following properties of the energy which he referred to as Orgone Energy:                                                                                                                  

Universal Energy is ubiquitous, fills the entire universe without exception. It is mass-free, cosmic, and primordial in nature. It penetrates all matter, but at different rates of speed. It spontaneously pulsates, expands and contracts, and flows with a spinning wave characteristic, and it is directly observable and measurable.                                                                                                       

Universal Energy is negatively entropic, and has a strong mutual affinity and attraction to/by water. It is accumulated naturally by living organisms through foods, water, breath, and through the skin. It creates sensations of tingling and warmth of skin surface, and provides increased core and skin temperature, or flushing.                                                                                             

Universal Energy regulates and moderates blood pressure and pulse rate, plus increases peristalsis, digestion, and respiration, in addition to increasing germination, budding, flowering and fruiting of plants. It results in increased rates of tissue growth, repair, wound healing, integrity of tissues, and immunity, plus greater energy levels, activity, and a sense of well-being and vitality.


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