Some people may consider that reiki is something rather unique, and quite isolated in its nature and quality. I think, though, that its always positive to remember that the fundamental meaning of reiki (the noun) is ‘Universal Life Energy’ – the ubiquitous energy found within all living things, inanimate things, and also covering the expanses of the cosmos.

Reiki (rei means “universal”; ki is life energy) is believed is believed to have its origins in ancient Tibetan healing techniques, which were rediscovered in the nineteenth century by Dr Mikao Usui…

Japan has a long tradition of ki healing – using life energy to heal oneself and others. This tradition is seen in acupuncture, shiatsu, and self-massage and is also found in both martial arts and exercise therapies that have a spiritual or religious basis.’ The Healing Path, Jacqueline Young, Published by Thorsons (2001).

I believe that by maintaining an awareness of the comprehensive nature of reiki: understanding that its the fundamental energy composing all creation and underlying all activity; we can avoid limiting the true magnitude of the Universal Life Energy, and truly appreciate its limitless power and significance.

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