The human body is a composite of overlapping energy fields. Every aspect of physical activity occurring inside the body radiates outward into the surrounding environment, in some cases reaching distances of more than ten meters. Even the many layers of the auric field, which are most commonly thought of as being separate, overlap one another, each lower-vibrational layer containing the higher-vibrational layers within it.  

‘Though the hands are always used in Reiki healing, they are not the only place Reiki energy flows from. Once you have had the Reiki I attunement, it is a surprise to find that the energy can flow through any part of your body. If the soles of your bare feet are resting against your dog and you have the intent to use Reiki, the energy flows through the soles of your feet and the dog receives the benefit.’ Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art, Diane Stein. Crossing Press (1995).

The human body is a powerful, dynamic, and electromagnetic in nature, each cell being the equivalent of a delicately balanced organic battery, radiating outward and connecting with, and often resonating with, all other aspects of the body. This is the wonderful nature of our seemingly static ‘skin-encapsulated’ selves, radiating vitality and joy in all directions, adding a multitude of options in the transfer of healing reiki.

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