Many people believe that strength or resilience is exclusively a product of our rational or “thinking” mind; whether we approach life from a place of confidence or courage. Of course, that point of view involves things such as our own self-esteem or self-image, strongly related to how we see ourselves within a social context. But there is an endless source of strength which stems from a far more meaningful and permanent place.

Human beings have the capacity of developing resilience in any challenging situation we encounter; never underestimate the power of your inner strength. We can overcome anything. Marisela Aponte Dadds (2020).

Many esteemed scientists have studied the profound properties of Universal Energy or Chi (Franz Mesmer, Wilhelm Reich, Albert Lehninger, David Bohm, Barbara Ann Brennan, to name but a few). Those scientists have recognized the innate ability of energy to overcome the natural process of entropy (the universes tendency toward all things dispersing and becoming randomly organized, [or disorganized]). Hence, universal energy, or reiki (the noun), has an innate drive to create, to build, to restore, to thrive, and to overcome the forces which oppose the brilliance of our own body, mind and soul, our existence on Earth.

This naturally creative, restoring, powerful energy, is the supreme gift we have all been blessed with, both internally and externally, and is something we can foster and nourish through healthy thinking, healthy living, and health-giving practices, such as reiki and meditation.

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