Conventional Time, as was described by Isaac Newton, has no basis in reality, other than being an agreed-upon (subjective) arbitrary measurement. In terms of the fundamental biological energy that composes our world, often referred to as Chi or Reiki, the only time that exists is the Eternal Now.

The Eternal Now is a continuous field of consciousness and activity, linked to all points in the ‘past’ and ‘future’. And as human beings, we are inherently connected to that timeless field of consciousness, wisdom and awareness, always being strengthened by its expansiveness.

‘The absolute tranquility is the present moment. Though it is at this moment, there is no limit to this moment, and herein is eternal delight.’ Hui-neng.

”In order for your intuitive awareness to strengthen and grow, it is imperative that you follow what I believe are two sacred laws of intuitive development. The first is committing to your wisdom, honouring and trusting your intuitive guidance whenever it comes to you and not dismissing it. In the process of learning to commit to your inner intuitive wisdom, you will occasionally not trust in yourself, as you probably already have from time to time. So now is the time to start. Take out your journal and write that you will follow this first sacred law: you will commit to your intuitive wisdom, honouring and trusting whatever comes to you.

The second sacred law is: Live in the moment. All you have is this moment, and then it is gone, only to be replaced by yet another. Live this moment as fully as you can. Do not place worry or burden within these precious moments; they are a distraction and they deplete your energy. There is a Buddhist insight that says, If you can’t fix it, don’t worry; if you can fix it, don’t worry. This is wisdom worth following.’ Intuitive Wellness, Laura Alden Kamm, Beyond Words Publishing (2006).

‘While our cells are always in the now, our thoughts can sentence them to reliving yesterday’s now. As the mind reacts, our vigilant, ever-listening cells respond to its call. That is why it is important to nudge the inner kvetch into a more peaceful state.

The next time your mind is sweeping you off to stressland, consider your cells as the sacred vessels of your life, and give them the present they deserve. Shift your attention from past or future, leave the realm of “Why did…?” and “What if…?” and let your mind rest in what is right in front of you, around you, within you. Be a friend to your cells. Bathe them in the molecules of peacefulness and contentment, in the chemistry of love. Now.’ Secrets of Your Cells, Sondra Barrett, Sounds True (2013).

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