Below is a reiki-fueled account of a beautiful experience I had during severe flooding in Australia!

Several years ago, I was caught in flooding in a regional city in Australia where I was living and working (providing reiki therapies in a wellness center).

It had rained heavily and continuously for five straight days, and the main river running through the city had burst its banks. All roads in the area were unpassable by normal vehicles.

Naturally, everyone living in the city was dramatically impacted: people’s yards were a meter deep in water (one yard); sewerage pipes had burst and were mixing with floodwaters surrounding everybody’s homes, and in many cases, the sewerage was flowing through people’s homes!

At the peak of the flooding, I remember standing knee-deep in floodwater in my local suburb, aware that everything and everyone around me was in a state of chaos. Feeling desperate, I reached out to one of my original reiki masters/teachers, and asked them for their opinion.

I was stranded for 2 days!

I asked my teacher: “If I meditate on the Cho Ku Rei and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbols for hours (as long as necessary), would that possibly have a helpful effect on the very YIN (waterlogged) conditions all around me, and bring a stronger YANG energy to the surrounding environment?”

My teacher’s answer surprised me, but it made sense, nonetheless. He said, “If you mediate in that way, it would be more likely that someone, or some people, will come to your aide and provide assistance.”

Although I hadn’t considered that outcome myself, I thought it was definitely worth a shot!

So I mediated like crazy on the Dai Ko Myo, Cho Ku Rei, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbols, asking ascended masters, as well as actual kind-hearted people in the area, to provide assistance to the people trapped inside their sewerage-filled homes.

After 30 minutes of meditating and asking for assistance (connecting with compassionate people via the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol), I was astounded by what I saw!

I was near the intersection of two long roads (crossroads) which were all under water. All at the same time, I saw a large army troupe carrier approaching from one direction, an ambulance approaching from the other direction, and two multi-purpose emergency services vehicles coming from the other direction – heading straight toward me!

It was the most incredible sight! I said a silent “Thank you” to my reiki master for their guidance, and within a couple of minutes the army, ambulance and other emergency services officers were attending to people in need, supplying medical support or physically evacuating residents.

Was it a coincidence?

I will never know for sure. But I felt in my heart that the reiki energy I had channeled, and the loving connections I had created via the reiki symbols had aroused the attention and compassion of those brilliant public servants.

I would love to hear if anyone else has ever had a similarly wonderful experience.


Ross Dadds

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