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“Hello Reiki Friends!

It’s that time again! Welcome back to another week, and another episode of ReikiCafe Radio! This week on the show, Bruce Taylor and I are diving into Reiki Scope of Practice and Session Feedback.

As Reiki practitioners, we dedicate our lives to living by the precepts. We enter into a contract with the Divine, allowing the energy to flow through us clearly so we may serve as a conduit for the best and highest good of all involved.

The big three, anger, gratitude, and worry, tend to monopolize our focus as we try to dedicate life to living by the Reiki precepts. But what about doing our work honestly?

For a Reiki practitioner, honesty goes beyond the surface. This precept calls us to have honesty in every word- even post session feedback.

But what does that really mean?​

Join us as we unpack your scope of practice as a Reiki practitioner, and dive into the meaning of the third precept.

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We tend to think of doing our work honestly as not lying, being clear with our intentions, and honest with our money. But for a Reiki practitioner, honesty goes beyond the surface. This precept calls us to be honest with our every word- including our feedback post-session.

After a session ends, we may want to share every detail of what we felt or experienced, infusing our words with our own opinions or stories of what we think they meant. But interjecting our opinions is where dishonesty comes to play.

Honesty means having the clarity to bring forward only the facts, without clouding your feedback with opinions or stories. When a client asks what you think or what you believe, it is your job as a practitioner to keep things client focused, and may instead ask what they thought and what they believed.

It is not our job as Reiki practitioners to tell the story of the session. It is our job only to present the facts. Just as we try to become a clear channel for the Reiki energy to flow through, we must also strive to be clear containers for the information we receive during a session.

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode!​

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