Since having two Pfizer Covid shots last year, I’ve had overwhelming palpitations. Fortunately I have found a cure!

I remember clearly the day I had my first Pfizer Covid vaccine shot. Within 2 or 3 hours I felt heightened activity in my chest, obviously centered around my heart. It felt like I had ‘extra voltage’ circulating around my heart, or that I had the wrong type of ‘current’ flowing in that area.

It felt as if my heart muscle was expanding uncomfortably, like it was in danger of exploding inside of me. But at the time it happened (it happened 3 times that first day) I remember just focusing on my breath, and meditating on the thought of calming down the activity in the area of my chest. Within a minute or two it settled down.

What was causing such strain on my heart… a blockage? An introduced toxicity or inflammation?

In the following weeks, I found that I was experiencing awful palpitations – a feeling like Mike Tyson was punching me in the ribs every time I’d climb stairs, or even when doing something as simple as getting up in the middle of the night and going to the toilet. My heartrate would double (from about 65 bpm to 130-140 bpm). It was very scary.

At times the pounding against my ribs and elevated heartrate was so severe that I felt as if I was going to pass out, or collapse. But fortunately, I knew that my years of training as an athlete (100m and 200m sprints) have allowed me to maintain an exceptionally high level of cariovascular health (and the ability to manage high levels of strain/workload). I felt every time the palpitations happened, that I may well have suffered a devastating heart attack, if it wasn’t for my exceptional cardiovascular health.

When I went to the GP to have my second Pfizer shot, I asked the doctor if it was normal to get strong palpitations as a result of the vaccine. He calmly reassured me, saying that it was common for people to suffer Myocarditis as a result of the Covid vaccine. Of course, I knew enough about the body and health generally to know that myocarditis is a serious condition or abnormality, and that despite the doctor’s kind gesture of trying to help me feel comfortable about the situation, I knew that I was in the grips of a real health crisis.

Over the next five months (until June this year) I continually suffered the overwhelming palpitations, always feeling that I was on the verge of a heart attack during those fairly mundane events.

Then, one day I started wondering… “Perhaps if I could find a reiki master in my area, they could channel pure, beautiful reiki energy into my chest, and perhaps solve the terrible problem that had been created by the vaccine”. But I soon had the most profound of realizations… “I am a reiki master, and I can give reiki to myself!!”

So I went about treating myself, laying on my back and resting both hands over my heart. I went through a series of symbols (Dai Ko Myo, Cho ku Rei, Sei He Ki, and Silver Violet Flame). My self-treatments lasted for about 20 minutes.



The next time I walked up a staircase, the resulting palpitations were about one-third the intensity they had been for months, and my heartrate increase was much more minimal. And most staggeringly, the awful palpitations had always lasted for 1 or 2 minutes, but after giving myself that seil-reiki session, the increase in heartrate and intensity started dying down (reducing) after about 10 seconds!

I was absolutely amazed!!

Since then I have treated my heart with reiki every day, and I am virtually palpitation free! The whole experience has been a wonderful testiment to the power and wisdom of reiki.

Over the few previous months, I had consulted many health professionals (doctors and pharmacists) and none of them could tell me PHYSIOLOGICALLY what was happening inside of me… what was causing the change in heart function!

But reiki energy has largely solved the problem. The universal energy had the intelligence to “do what was necessary”.

Thank you Universal Energy!

And thank you to all of my previous teachers and masters who inspired me, and guided me to learn this incredible, natural healing art.

Blessing, Ross Dadds


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