A few years ago, I was providing therapeutic services in a very busy wellness centre. It was there – most unexpectedly – that I had an incredible experience: reiki, effectively refreshing my senses.

I was treating up to 30 people a week. And for an extended period of time I was doing much more Deep Tissue massage than energy therapies. Naturally, that was very tiring, both physically and mentally.

Then one day a client came in asking for a reiki treatment. I was ecstatic!

It was a woman who had never had reiki before, so I recall feeling a little on-edge, as I could sense their level of apprehension (and even an element of fear). But happily, they progressed with the treatment as planned.

The treatment went really well. The client absolutely loved it, and afterwards gave me an excited account of their intriguing reiki adventure. We both left the clinic feeling happy, but I was still feeling the heavy fatigue associated with 20 or more Deep Tissue massages that week.

The most astounding thing happened as I drove home from work that day!

I recall driving through local back streets (the same route I had taken hundreds of times before) and noticing how incredibly beautiful the houses in that particular street were. I thought to myself, “The residents in this street must have had a neighborhood clean up or something – everything looks so fresh!”

I turned the next corner and was startled by how green and fresh all the trees in the street and in the front yards were. They all looked like they’d been watered for hours, and that they had bloomed to glorious life as a result of being pampered!

As I drove along, I saw gardens in front yards looking like they’d all been replanted with dazzling new flowering plants. Everything appeared like a surreal dream – purples, oranges, violets, reds, and pinks – every color of the rainbow wowing my senses!

Finally, as I continued driving through a nearby street, I realized that every single tree and plant in every garden were glowing as if refreshing rain and woken everything up from months of dull slumber. Even the houses themselves seemed to be sparkling… every one of them!

Then it dawned on me!

It was the REIKI TREATMENT I had just given that had refreshed my mind, my senses.

It was as if I was seeing an entirely different environment, when in fact, it was the lens through which I was perceiving everything had been Spring-cleaned.

I was a glorious experience that I’ll never forget: the time I transformed from being a jaded human being, to becoming a psychedelic daydreamer, all thanks to cleansing reiki energy! It transformed the filter through which I was witnessing the magnificent world around me.

The following is written by Wendy Joy Smith from the Australian Reiki Connection (ARC) says in relation to reiki-related perceptual change:

Reiki may not even be given a thought, but it may have been the trigger to get the change of thought processes into gear. Reiki often works beyond our scope of comprehension.​

Reiki is not only for energy re-balance work; it also promotes healing. Healing is to make whole, whatever that may mean to you, it is an individual thing. So the idea of Reiki is simple, yet complex. It is not easy to describe Reiki in English, as the word energy in our language does not quite describe what we mean when we talk of healing energy. Yet to try Reiki is to understand Reiki. How does one describe in words how a rose smells, or how an orange tastes? Reiki is the energy of creation; allow it to create the words for you.

About the Australian Reiki Connection (ARC)

Founded in 1997, the Australian Reiki Connection – the Association of Australian Reiki Professionals has grown to be Australia’s leading Reiki association. Its primary strength is that it is run by members for members.​

At the Annual General Meeting, we elect a new volunteer committee of management. All financial members are eligible to vote and to nominate for office. Together with the membership, these volunteers work to support Reiki activities on both a community and professional level. As part of their responsibilities, they develop appropriate policies and procedures, provide networking opportunities, and lobby the government on behalf of the organization.​

ARC maintains communication with relevant agencies and organisations in an effort to develop professional standards that are beneficial to Reiki practitioners, their clients, and their students.

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