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How Your Body’s Talking, with Hope Pedraza

“Happy Monday, Alchemist!

Today you will start listening to how your body’s talking, as you learn about Human Design and overall wellness, with Hope Pedraza.

Hope started in the wellness space with her studio, inBalance, because she wanted to create a space for women to find everything they were looking for in one convenient location. After running her studio for a bit, Hope realized that the only way to give women the comprehensive experience she wanted them to have in her studios was to complete the wellness equation, and that was to combine exercise with nutrition.

Hope quickly learned as a nutrition coach that basic nutrition coaching wasn’t enough for people. The ladies she was working with were dealing with issues that they were just attributing to the “regular parts of aging” or that just losing some weight or body fat would help, but Hope knew this wasn’t the case. There were women who were dealing with chronic hormonal imbalances, joint pain and stiffness, chronic gut issues, thyroid issues and so many more things that were causing them to feel less than their healthiest selves. This led Hope to pursue a diploma in Holistic Nutrition, as well as complete her certification as an FDNP and other advanced trainings and certifications in blood chemistry. Learn more about Hope and her work, including Human Design, at http://hopefulandwholesome.com

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The Energetic Alchemist Oracle

The Energetic Alchemist Oracle Deck, 74 Tarot Inspired Oracle Cards, for Seekers and Practitioners of Energetic Alchemy.

Journey through the expressions of mystical teachings to clarify and understand your path in higher ways. The Energetic Alchemist Oracle is comprised of four sections to support you through clear readings and your path of self-mastery, as it relates to your own energetic alchemy. You will learn through the teachings of:

Your Energy Centers (the Chakras)

The Realms of Duality

Major Expressions (inspired by the Major Arcana of Tarot)

The Elements of Creation (fire, water, air, earth and ether)

Yolanda Williams, The Energetic Alchemist and Host of Reiki Radio, has created this deck from the lessons and experiences she has encountered and witnessed through her own path with energy work, meditation, oracle and tarot, as well as the beautiful mirrors that have shown up in the forms of teachers, students and clients. This deck is meant to inspire your path, awakening and activating the beautiful alignment that occurs within remembrance.

Created by Host of Reiki Radio, Yolanda Williams, and Illustrated by Hilary Zozula

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