Since my childhood, I have heard people expressing a desire for mankind to become unified; for world peace; for oneness, and an end to all forms of discrimination and bigotry. Artists, musicians, philosophers, and even politicians at times have expressed their desire for a “melting pot, big enough to take the world and all it’s got”.

The time frame I am referring to is roughly half a century, but actually extends back centuries – people dreaming of bringing mankind together. From the Epicurus (341–270 BC) the Greek philosopher who advocated world peace; to the Flower-Power movement of the 1960s; to the messages of unity from the current Dalai Lama, and the many people adhering to the fifth reiki principle: Be kind to every living thing.

Have we achieved that worthy outcome, or at least progressed toward a state of oneness and peaceful coexistence? Can reiki be a useful tool in bringing about that much-sought-after eventually?

I believe so.

Is universal energy [Reiki] the spiritual and energetic basis for oneness?


Universal energy is ubiquitous (appearing everywhere), timeless, and is the basis of all reiki practices. And importantly, universal energy has been researched scientifically and found to be the one true continuum – existing everywhere, with no break or division of any kind. Universal energy has been discovered to be the perfect plenum (space completely filled with matter, with no break or division at all), the absolute opposite of a vacuum (space devoid of matter).

The renowned British physicist, Sir Oliver Lodge (1851–1940), assessed the qualities of universal energy (referred to by him as the Cosmic Ether) and found it to be the fundamental, ubiquitous Source energy permeating the universe (Does that sound familiar, reiki practitioners?).

Lodge also described the Cosmic Ether as holding within it levels of power we can barely imagine. He calculated the power within each cubic millimeter of cosmic ether as being equivalent to a one-million-horsepower powerstation working continually for forty million years. (Lodge, 1909)

Lodge also determined that the cosmic ether is the ubiquitous universal energy that manifests as atoms, molecules, and all living beings. He described ether as being the basis of all that exists, likening units of matter (electrons, for example) as being like knots in a piece of rope: the knot differing in no way from the rope in its entirety, other than for the knot’s tied-up structure, or aggregate grouping of tied-up structures (molecules).

In terms of reiki enabling mankind to become unified, we can interpret three key points from Oliver Lodge’s research:

  1. The spiritual wisdom and energetic power held within universal energy is astronomical, Godlike.
  2. Universal energy fills the entire universe, without break or division of any kind, and is therefore the spiritual/energetic basis of Oneness.
  3. Elementary atoms are the result of the ‘knotting’ of universal energy, itself being is an intelligent act of ‘coming together’ to form something more complex. But molecules are nothing but universal energy, therefore a Oneness exists between Source and its manifestation.
  4. Universal energy is everywhere, never broken or divided, yet it takes on variations in shape and form which allow it to masquerade as separate objects, separate from Source.

In human society, we commonly divide people into groups or classes based on their ethnicity, nationality, level of education, vocation or political views, sporting affiliations, etc. We even draw distinctions between people based on their views on healthcare: allopathic medicine versus alternative models of healthcare, for example.

Regardless of the distinctions listed above, every person is composed of nothing but energy, as are their thoughts and emotions – NOTHING BUT ENERGY – regardless of the categories created by the rational mind and perpetuated by social conditioning.

In short, universal energy (Reiki) is Oneness. It is the rope from which all knots are composed (to borrow Lodge’s analogy). Embracing that timeless truth is sufficient to ensure that the fifth reiki principle will indeed be cherished, and that all living things will be treated with kindness and inclusion.

The Ace up the Sleeve in achieving unity between all living things are reiki therapies, reiki shares, and all forms of reiki practice, as those practices dynamically pass on the purest source of universal energy.

As described by Oliver Lodge, reiki is both the foundation of all living beings and the basis of energy therapies. And reiki practices are the simplest, purest, most comprehensive method of delivering unifying energy to others, as reiki transcends the limitations of the rational human mind (the basis of fear and discrimination).

Theologian Bruce G. Epperly describes in his book, Reiki Healing Touch and the Way of Jesus, how healing energy is now available to every person on earth via the practice of reiki. And it is through the sharing of reiki that negative systems of human thinking (discrimination) can, and will be eliminated by the shining light of universal energy. (Epperly, 2005)

By sharing reiki energy, a practitioner is imbuing the recipient with the wisdom of the divine, and in so doing, immersing the receiver within an infinite ocean of glorious information – the workings of living cells and mechanisms of homeostasis, for example.

Reiki is aware of everything.

Reiki is everything.

In his book, Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, James L. Oschman explains how medical researchers have learnt that Energy Field Therapies project vital information into living tissues, hence their effectiveness. (Oschman, 2000)

The wonderful take-away from Oschman’s writing is that the information (or wisdom) transmitted via energy practices such as reiki, does not originate from the logical mind of the practitioner, but rather from the ubiquitous, timeless and unified Source field.

Universal energy is that ubiquitous source of healing. And as Oliver Lodge and Bruce Epperly described, reiki is an unbroken continuous field, the perfect plenum (continuum), shining its fabulous light through everything that exists, forever, overcoming all divisive points of view.

And most importantly, the information contained within reiki energy is not limited by the expressive powers of conventional language (words and sentences). Reiki is the ultimate reality – all that exists – superior to our well-meaning attempts to conceptualize it, categorize it, or express it in words.

Reiki is everything. Reiki is Oneness.

In his book, Color Medicine: The Secrets of Color Vibrational Healing, Charles Klotsche explains that people in general see themselves as being individuals above all else. And that need for individuality exists at the expense of social unity. But Klotsche also explains that all people and all living things are linked by Source energy, where no distinction between any person, or even basic atoms and molecules exists. (Klotsche, 1992)

We are all one within the expansive field of universal energy, and reiki practices are the means by which we cultivate that oneness.

Practice reiki, and share the unity of all that exists, peacefully and lovingly.

By Ross Dadds


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