I would love to share the story of reiki healing my sister’s damaged finger!

Recently my sister returned from spending time in a public park, and she told me that a bee had stung her finger. She showed me the damaged finger. It was very alarming – the finger was quite red, the skin being raised upward and filled with puss in certain areas. It appeared to be extremely painful… angry!

My sister’s description confirmed my suspicion. She said that the pain in the affected area was almost 10 out of 10, and it felt like it was getting worse as time progressed.

Naturally my healing nature kicked in, and I suggested to my sister that it may help if I channel some reiki into the area of the bee sting/inflammation for a while. Not having any history with reiki treatments or knowledge of universal energy, she hesitantly agreed to “give it a shot”.

Obviously I had no experience with an angry, puss-filled insect bite, as was evident on my sister’s finger, but I knew that reiki energy would naturally “do what’s necessary” regardless of ME having any specific knowledge of what reiki energy would actually achieving.

Having said that, being trained in Chinese Medicine, I knew that the reiki energy would help the pressurized fluids in the inflamed, puss-filled area to be transported out of that region (getting things flowing again), and help balance the pressure of fluids (obviously she was experiencing the pain of having intense fluid build up around the area of the sting and subsequent irritation.

Also, I knew that reiki energy would help to calm the nervous system in the area of the sting, remembering that pain is really the activity of chemical neurotransmitters, which are ultimately conglomerations of reiki energy itself (as is everything else).

I treated the area for 15 minutes only. I was aware that 15 minutes was a short period of time for a treatment, but I was mindful of the fact that my sister had not asked for the treatment as such, so I wanted to keep the session as short as possible.

I used a combination of Dai Ko Myo, Choku Rei, Sei He Ki, and Silver Violet Flame (they are my usual ‘go to’s’).

After 15 minutes I stopped the session and removed my hands.


The puss and inflammation was completely gone! The red coloring that appeared so angry and almost like it was beginning to get infected had also changed, appearing as if it had already been healing for several days! And finally, the increased size of the finger had reduced to its normal size, and also my sister reported that the pain had almost completely gone!

It was a truly amazing experience. My sister was absolutely blown away. It looked almost like a normal finger!

There are many, many wonderful stories relating to real-life evidence of reiki energy’s healing magnificence, and I will treasure the opportunity to recall those experiences with you all in the coming weeks. And if any readers have similar success stories, I would love to hear them and share them on this website.


Ross Dadds

  • Please note that the photos provided on this page are only my best attempt to replicate the magical outcomes that occurred as described. I did not have a camera or phone available to me at the time of the treatment. In truth, the changes in the “before and after” of the treatment to my sister’s finger were more incredible than the images I have provided as an example. Ross Dadds


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