To gain a in-depth appreciation of reiki energy (Universal energy or Chi) , it is helpful to consider that all key schools of spiritual and philosophical thought, be they Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Monism or Pantheism, describe all people as being part of an integrated, inseparable web, divided only by the arbitrary workings of the rational mind. Similarly, these ancient schools of thought recognize that the entire universe is permeated by a conscious energy, synonymous with feelings of love and bliss.

‘In this new era the emphasis must surely be on the importance of humanity working as a whole, and this is demonstrated all over the world by thousands of people who share the wish to help alleviate suffering simply by using the power of love.’ Reiki Healing: How to Channel the Power of Universal Love, Carmen Fernandez. Lorenz Books 2000.

By recognizing that all living things are connected via an unbroken, timeless universal energy, known commonly as reiki, we see the health of all humanity as being a shared responsibility, all people sharing undivided consciousness.

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