The health benefits of energy therapies, such as the Laying on of Hands, goes far beyond the placebo effect. Many researchers have clinically proven this powerful truth. One medical researcher, Dr. Bernard Grad, demonstrated the significant benefits of subtle energy therapies via the Laying on of Hands, increasing the health of plants in a scientifically-controlled series of experiments.

Grad experimented extensively with barley, carefully chosen in order to eliminate the ‘subjective belief systems’ of human patients. He created ‘sick plant patients’ by soaking the barley seeds in salty water, a known growth retardant, but Grad had a healer do a laying-on-of-hands treatment on an isolated batch of the salty water. Separate groups of barley seeds were treated either with healer-treated salty water, or the untreated salty water. The results were startling.

‘Grad found that seeds exposed to healer-treated water sprouted more often than those in the regular saline group. Following germination, the seeds were then potted and placed in similar conditions of growth. At the end of several weeks, the plants were statistically compared for height, leaf size, weight, and chlorophyll content. Grad discovered that plants watered with the healer-treated water were of greater height and chlorophyll content. His experiment was repeated a number of times in the same laboratory with similar positive results.’ Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies, Richard Gerber, M.D., Bear & Company (2001).

Grad’s experiment proved that subtle energy therapies have clear positive effects on a gross physical level, over and above any subjective placebo effect. The benefits of energy therapies, as demonstrated by Grad’s experiment on barley plants, apply to all living things.

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