Contemporary scientists have now proven that the universe is composed of a supremely high-energy ethereal fluid. This is reiki energy. It is an extraordinarily fine-grained, fluid-like substance that is ubiquitous in nature. It is the basis of what forms into particles, molecules, and, of course, all living beings, including humans.

Many scientists, dating back to the 19th century, studied the ubiquitous sea of cosmic energy. Doctor Franz Mesmer and Sir Oliver Lodge were two such scientists. They both succeeded in compiling extensive data on reiki energy (which Mesmer referred to as ‘Animal Magnetism’, and Lodge referred to as the ‘Cosmic Ether’). In compiling that data, they succeeded in detailing the phenomenally powerful energy levels stored within Universal Energy (reiki), and the ability of that energy to organize itself to form living structures.

Mesmer used a type of hypnotism on his patients, but attributed his powers to a hitherto unknown physical/psychic force, ‘animal magnetism’. He described this force or fluid as permeating the universe and suggested that the human nervous system was somehow attuned to it. But an imbalance in animal magnetism inside the body could bring on nervous illness. Mesmer treated his patients directly by channeling animal magnetism through his own body to the affected part of the patient with a kind of laying-on of hands, and indirectly by ‘magnetizing’ iron bars or other objects, by touching them himself and the patient then used these objects to ‘magnetize’ themselves. In pre-revolutionary Paris, Mesmer’s treatment was highly fashionable, particularly with women. Patients were treated in groups, sitting around a large barrel full of water and magnetized iron filings, from which protruded iron rods, which each patient grasped.’ The Energy of Life, Guy Brown (2000)

‘Now if the elasticity of any medium is to be thus explained kinetically, it follows, as a necessary consequence, that the speed of this internal motion must be comparable to the speed of wave propagation; that is to say that the internal squirming circulation, to which every part of the ether is subject, must be carried on with a velocity of the same order of magnitude as the velocity of light.

This is the theory then – this theory of elasticity as dependent on motion – which,, in combination with the estimate of density, makes the internal energy of the ether so gigantic. For in every cubic millimeter of space we have, according to this view, a mass equivalent to what, if it were matter, we should call a thousand tons, circulating internally, every part of it, with a velocity comparable to the velocity of light, and therefore containing – stored away in that small region of space – an amount of energy of the order 1029 ergs, or, what is the same thing, 3 x 1011 kilowatt centuries; which is otherwise expressible as equal to the energy of a million horsepower station working continuously for forty million years.’ The Ether of Space, Sir Oliver Lodge

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