There is an enduring quality found throughout the entire universe: the ability to maintain equilibrium amidst opposites of all kinds. The laws of thermodynamics demonstrate the universe’s natural ability to ‘return to a state of equilibrium’ concerning temperature, pressure, electrical polarity, and entropy/negative entropy.

All of the natural balancing mechanisms mentioned above involve energy as the primary ‘currency’. The studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, for example, show that Universal Energy (Rei-ki) always involves the inter-relatedness of opposing poles: positive and negative, heat and cold, growth and decay.

Although opposing forces exist as a natural part of our physical environment and cycles of life, the over-riding pattern within the universe is one of constancy; meaning that patterns of activity, though involving ‘change’ or transformation, repeat endlessly, timelessly. Hence, the interplay and transformation between polar opposites is, in fact, a constant.

Reiki energy, as the enduring primordial substance of the universe, naturally seeks and restores equilibrium in all situations, despite the obvious (and necessary) opposites which compose our internal and external environment.

It is through the mastery of reiki practices that we can harness the natural balancing aspects of universal energy and dynamically restore equilibrium via our own conscious efforts.

‘Generally, a state of centeredness and calm, even in the midst of chaos, is the desired pace to be.’ Intuitive Wellness, Laura Alden Kamm.

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