I am happy to describe another stunning positive outcome during a reiki session!

A client that I had never treated before booked in recently, complaining of intense pain in their lower leg (calf muscle). The lady was visiting the Gold Coast on holidays with her husband, but for the four days they had been staying in their hotel, they hadn’t been able to do any recreational activities (holiday stuff) due to her extreme pain in her right calf muscle.

The woman had seen a GP (doctor) and a physiotherapist with no success. And out of desperation, she had started taking a pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication, none of which gave her enough relief to allow her to walk.

When she came to me for a treatment (out of desperation), she described that the pain was (in her words) 15 out of 10! And due to my experience as a remedial massage therapist, I chose to start off the treatment with some gentle massage, feeling confident that I could relieve the pain gradually from her lower leg.

When I started the massage treatment, I touched the affected calf muscle with the absolute lightest of pressure, and was shocked to see that my client almost jumped off the table due to outrageous pain! I palpated her leg again, using the lightest possible touch humanly possible (a 1-out-of-10 pressure) and was horrified to see her jump in agony again!

On further inspection, I noticed that her right calf muscle was like a balloon that was overinflated by 300 percent! I could feel that the pressure in the calf muscle was so great that it felt as if her lower leg was about to explode. And no matter how lightly I ‘feathered’ her muscle, she yelled with agony.

Her calf muscle felt like a balloon about to burst!

Enter Reiki!

I had NEVER seen anybody react to such phenomenally light pressure before, and started to feel that her problem was primarily energetic. So I began doing a reiki treatment particularly on the area concerned, using my usual “go to” symbols: Dai Ko Myo, Choku Rei, Sei He Ki.

Dai Ko Myo
Choku Rei
Sei He Ki

I used each symbol for a period of around two-to-three minutes, hoping that the increase in energy, and the balancing effect of the energy related to each symbol would have a positive effect on the angry calf muscle. But after roughly fifteen minutes, I noticed no change or improvement at all.

Enter Silver Violet Flame!

My client was still writhing in pain, and quite frankly she was losing faith in my ability to bring about any improvement. But the instant that I began using the Silver Violet Flame symbol, her calf muscle decreased in size unbelievably, as if someone had pricked a balloon and almost all of the air had rushed out of it.

All of the excess tone left her calf muscle immediately!

My client felt an immediate change (reduction) in her pain level. And honestly, I was stunned by what I saw and felt! I continued using the same symbol for roughly two minutes, and noticing the huge reduction in the tone of the muscle concerned, I began gently massaging her calf, realizing that I could increase the pressure to the point of performing a moderate-pressure soothing massage, causing the woman no pain in the process. Her only sensation was utter enjoyment.

Needless to say, after another 20 minutes of gentle massage while continuing to use reiki symbols, my client stood up and walked away without any pain at all!

The change was as comprehensive as it was surprising. I have never seen such a complete change occur in a dramatically painful area of someone’s soft-tissue before. From that moment, I have adored the Silver Violet Flame symbol, and use it on all clients, and myself, each and every day!

Jeremy O’Carroll of Om Reiki, Australia, provided the following wonderful information relating to Silver Violet Flame. (See more of Om Reiki by following the link below!)

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