When people in the past have people asked me: ‘What is reiki energy?’, after much consideration, I have always replied by saying that the question can best answered if it’s inverted, as in: ‘What isn’t reiki energy?’ The reason for asking the question in reverse is that the answer becomes delightfully clear and comprehensive.

So, when the question is asked: ‘What isn’t reiki energy?” The answer is simple: ‘Nothing.’ Nothing is not composed of reiki energy.

So too it is with colors: the colors of the chakras are nothing other than a manifestation of reiki energy, vibrating at specific frequencies, recognizable by humans within the visible light spectrum.  And each vibratory frequency has its own characteristic health benefits…

‘As pure white light enters the body, it refracts similar to the way light refracts and disperses into many colors when it passes through a prism. The various color shades that travel through the body not only have unique color vibrations, but they also have chemical equivalents; reds being stimulating (hydrogen) and blues being soothing (oxygen).

The key to understanding vibrational healing, or color medicine, lies not in the Newtonian mechanistic approach… but in rerouting energy fields that form complicated relationships with other fields such as those surrounding the physical/cellular substance and others relating to more nonphysical energies. These energies flow through the body, continually materializing and then reverting back into energy.’ Color Medicine: The Secrets of Color/Vibrational Healing. Charles Klotsche. Light Technology Publishing (1992)

As Charles Klotsche describes above, pure white light is representative of reiki energy in its highest energetic form; energy that slows down and lowers its vibratory rate, performing specific duties within the physical body. Each organ has its own optimal vibratory rate, the equivalent of a color that we recognize within the visible spectrum. And the color associated with each organ (nothing more than reiki energy vibrating at a specific frequency) can also be used to entrain that organ back to a more optimal state of health, for example: green light can be used to aid in balancing the cerebrum and stimulate the pituitary gland.

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