Does reiki have a positive effect on people’s lives?

How does it do so?

What are the changes, if any?

Almost every body I have spoken to on the subject of reiki having an effect on their lives, have described reiki as positively transforming their bodily health, mental state, spiritual wellness, and clearly connecting them to the supreme power and intelligence of the universe. With all of those things in mind, it is definitely fair to assume that the change reiki makes is substantial!

Reiki practitioners, and also people who are familiar with receiving reiki treatments as customers, tend to have a reassured sense of calm and confidence, knowing that they can be connected to source at will – the source being universal energy. It gives people a feeling of being part of a larger family perhaps, a reiki family, a universal family or an energy family, feeling that they are naturally elevated above the normal ‘pop culture’ world in which most of us find ourselves.

I know that many people I speak to these days have chosen not to watch regular news reports on television any more. They have chosen not to open themselves to the kind of daily horror that is portrayed by the media in general. Reiki practices and reiki energy, also allow us to stay removed from the perception that our world is full of pain, disasters and violence that news sources may portray. Once we have found reiki, we are connected to the natural order of the universe, an order which always seeks harmony and balance.

From my own personal experience, reiki practices have increased my physical well-being dramatically – my ability to heal and restore good health effortlessly. To this day, I still engage in athletics and basketball with people more than 40 years younger than myself! I love it, and I am very grateful!

reiki before and after

Becky Haderer Tamburello explains…

The first time I received reiki I was at Cleveland Clinic. Probably the last place I expected to ever see a complementary/alternative energy therapy. My paradigm shifted that day and I knew this was something big for me.

I walked over to a reiki sign-up area half expecting a line for such a magical and wonderful therapy of which I’d only heard about. I was 2nd on the list and the man who received treatment before me walked out of his session and said “good luck” with a displeased look and an eye roll. I giggle about that man to this day, as it just goes to show how each person can have such a different experience with the same treatment, and how an open mind can change everything.

My experience, on the other hand, was something I’d never felt before. When the practitioner placed his hands on me, my breathing slowed, my heart felt lighter, I felt love and was flooded with calm, peace and gentleness. This was what I had been looking for, had forgotten was inside me, and I never wanted to get off that reiki table. Fifteen minutes was up way to quickly but it was OK because I knew I was going to learn to do this for myself and others someday.   

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According to the International Association of Reiki Professionals…

Reiki Changes Your Life with Love

Reiki profoundly changes your life. Not only have I experienced the wonderful events brought on by the unconditional love of the universe in myself, but I have witnessed it in others too. No one will deny the humbling power of the universal energy that celebrates our connection to everything around us, however too often we impose crippling restrictions and limitations onto ourselves due to our fears; of failure, abandonment, pain or even success. Reiki can diminish and destroy these fears. It can highlight our connection and our love for ourselves, our planet, and our universe.

When Reiki Chooses You

When Reiki chooses you (for it surely does,) it can often be overwhelming at first. In my experience, there is not a single moment in which you consciously decide to become a Reiki healer. It seems more like a small spiritual tap on the shoulder that increases steadily until you can no longer brush it off. Almost without fail, my students will begin our first conversation with, “well I don’t know how I got here, but….” With Reiki, once the path that we are to tread becomes obvious, the next part of the journey has begun.

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