Check out this great webinar on Distant Healing by Liz Findlay.

Ideal for anyone trained in a healing system, including Reiki, amplifying your ability to work remotely.

About this event…

“A webinar aimed at helping you to feel more confident sending Distant Healing across time and space.

This webinar is ideal for all healers who work within an energetic healing system who are looking to learn how to send a Distant Healing, or brush up on their existing Distant Healing techniques. This webinar is intended to help you feel capable and confident in the Distant Healing process, with practical tips and an interactive section where you get involved too.

Some of what we’ll cover includes preparing yourself and your room, using props to touch vs visualising the recipient, as well as a super useful technique on how to program the healing to arrive in the past, present or future.

There will be a special meditation connecting you with your Higher Self to receive your own unique symbol to use for Distant Healing and so no need to specifically be attuned to the Reiki Distant symbol.

Distant Healing is especially useful during times when we cannot see family and friends. It will enable you to help many people suffering from physical symptoms and those who require emotional and mental health support, without you having to be in the same room, city or country as them.

What is Distant Healing? It’s when a healing practitioner sends healing across time and space to someone who is not in the same room as them. It can also be sent to a situation on the other side of the world. Distant Healing has sometimes been said to be more effective than in-person healing as it comes from Source / The Universe directly, but does require the practitioner to connect in and guide the process.

This is suitable for anyone trained in a healing system, including Reiki.

How to book:

Once you have booked through Eventbrite, you will receive an automated email with the Zoom login details. This webinar will be recorded and I will send the link within a day or 2 after the event.

If you are registered with a governing body for your healing system then this webinar might count towards your annual Continual Professional Development. Please note that this webinar is designed to enhance your understanding of Distant Healing and does not form part of any certified course.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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