From: Christine Renee, ReikiCafe University President & Founder.

Hello Reiki Friends!

It’s that time again! Welcome back to another week, and another episode of ReikiCafe Radio! This week on the show, Bruce Taylor and I are diving into the true meaning and power of the Reiki symbols.

Each Reiki symbol has a story and a message intended to bring us into a deeper connection with Reiki energy. The symbols are major players in our Reiki training as we learn how to use them with respect and integrity.

We take the time to memorize the kanji, practicing each stroke over and over. We drill into our minds the shapes, the sounds, and even the meanings of each symbol.

But what is the true power of the Reiki symbols?

Join us as we dive into the question and unpack the true power of the Reiki symbols.

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Although the symbols are often viewed as external tools to intensify Reiki energy during a session, or a way to channel energy for a specific purpose, their true meaning lies beyond our mental perceptions.

In their true meaning, the symbols are conduits for you to step out of your own way. They represent a vehicle to bring you back into the present so you can set aside your stories about yourself and your client, allowing the Reiki energy to flow through you, unhindered by stories and expectations.

Each Reiki symbol can be conceptualized by its ‘intended’ use. We are taught that Cho Ku Rei is important for grounding and power, while Sei He Ki is used for emotional issues and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen for distance.

But when we attach these meanings to the symbols, we are creating a mental perception that gets in the way of the Reiki flow. We know that each symbol, each kanji, has a meaning in the way it is written, but we do ourselves a disservice when we allow that story to dictate our practice.

Curious about how all of this connects? Check out this week’s blog + podcast to put all the pieces together and unlock the true power of the Reiki symbols.

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode!

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ReikiCafe University President & Founder

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