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“An Evaluation of the Subjective Experience of Receiving Reiki: Qualitative Results from a Pragmatic Effectiveness Study”

“Congratulations to our supporters and research partners in the USA. This scientific article has now been published in the Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine. It was also named a high impact article, and as such, is available as open access to everyone!”


Objectives: The main purpose of this study was to evaluate the subjective experience of Reiki in a large sample.

Design: The study design was a single-arm pragmatic effectiveness trial with qualitative questions completed post-Reiki session.

Setting: The study took place at private Reiki practices across the United States.

Subjects: A total of 99 Reiki practitioners met the inclusion criteria and participated in the study. Reiki practitioners invited each of their Reiki clients to complete a survey before and after the Reiki session.

Interventions: Trained and experienced Reiki masters conducted Reiki sessions in person, with each session lasting between 45 and 90 min.

Outcome measures: Participants were asked to describe their experience during the Reiki session.

Results: Qualitative analysis revealed eight major themes: (1) deep relaxation and calm (68%), (2) body sensations/somatic experiences (53%), (3) emotions (29%), (4) spiritual or symbolic significance (18%), (5) changes in symptoms (17%), (6) changes in perception (11%), (7) sleep and drowsiness (10%), and (8) changes to breathing (4%).

Conclusions: The findings from this study suggest that Reiki can elicit the relaxation response and alter emotions and perception in such a way as to facilitate a transformative subjective healing experience.

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Read… An Evaluation of the Subjective Experience of Receiving Reiki: Qualitative Results from a Pragmatic Effectiveness Study.


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