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Discover how to recognize and develop the intuitive and psychic skills you already have that are built into your metaphysical DNA. Plus, In this summit dive into the secrets at the heart of the ancient Andean medicine known as Tukuy Rikuy — and how you can activate your intuition to read and trust signs and omens. Don’t miss out on this free event!

During this groundbreaking 5-day event with more than 35 prominent speakers, you’ll discover:

The most important behavior change you can make to excel as an intuitive, empath, psychic, or medium

An easy sequence of steps for developing your intuitive, metaphysical, and psychic sensitivity as you open your “third eye” and learn to sense and understand energy

How channeling can range from gut hunches to less common experiences like mediumship and trance-channeling

How to determine your intuitive awareness type — physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual — so you can further develop your gifts

“Alliance Space” — an incarnational spirituality tool that allows a non-physical being to interact with you in mutual safety and hospitality

How to recognize and develop the intuitive and psychic skills you already have that are built into your metaphysical DNA

Secrets at the heart of the ancient Andean medicine known as Tukuy Rikuy — and how you can activate your intuition to read and trust signs and omens


Explore an Array of Tools to Master Discernment as You Traverse Intuitive Realms

Intuition is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger and more active it becomes.
— Sally Chamberlain

Do you sometimes wonder if the Universe is sending you important messages, but you’re just not picking up on the signals?

Ever wish you had a way to amplify and refine your psychic abilities to more easily access and navigate invisible realms?

Wouldn’t it be liberating to enhance your intuition and harness your healing gifts by gently releasing anxiety, confusion, or overwhelm…

… giving you the clarity you need to interpret celestial signs and synchronicities that can give you clear guidance for effective decision-making and problem-solving?

When examined through the lens of metaphysics, you can gain powerful insights into the phenomena of psychic messages, intuition, and your sense of “inner knowing”

… as you discover how these potent subtle energies can accurately be sourced to help you navigate life’s complexities with ease and grace.

You’ll more skillfully use your intuition and other spiritual abilities as you become more sensitive to subtle energies — exploring tools for calming your nervous system and becoming more adept at working with energy to help heal yourself and others.

By learning to tune in to your inner world, you’ll be better equipped to make tough choices, hone your discernment, and chart your course with confidence as your internal compass aligns you with your unique and sacred life path.

Your intentions have the power to shape your reality. Through practicing visualization and manifestation techniques, you can learn to activate your inner eye to create the reality you desire.

During the Psychic & Intuitive Abilities Summit, you’ll hear from leading experts who will share essential ways to receive, navigate, and apply vibrational insights from messages, intuitive hits, and inner knowings — bringing you clarity, guidance, and inspiration on your spiritual journey.

Join us to demystify the psychic realm. You’ll discover how to intrepret the metaphysical map to receive wisdom and guidance, overcome overwhelm, and learn about timeless methods and approaches like Tarot, channeling, psychic protection, chakras, auras, and more!



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