Energy is omnipresent. The Universe is energy, what we know as God is energy, and we ourselves are nothing but energy bodies. It might take us many lifetimes to evolve spiritually and live in the experience of it, however for every energy healer and Reiki practitioner, this truth forms the core of his / her belief and practice.

And for the nonbelievers, the simple explanation is that if the electro magnetic waves (radio waves, telephone and wireless, microwaves, X-Rays, etc) can transmit through space, then why can’t an energy (that heals) travel thousands of kilometres, sometimes across the world, to reach its destination. Just because you don’t see, does not mean it doesn’t exist. The human eye, after all, is extremely limited in its range and can see only 1% of the visible light spectrum.

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A squirrel pauses in front of an imposing stone stele in a cemetery on the temple grounds feasting on leftover pine cone seeds. Grass begins to rustle in the breeze waking up the slumbering leaves. I take a long deep breath and gaze at the moon. A large beeswax candle without the smoke. (Read more – follow the link below)

Mikao Usui (a short story) — the reiki cosmos

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