My original reiki master and teacher, the brilliant Jeremy O’Carroll has designed a wonderful new healing technique which is available worldwide online. See details below…

Jeremy O’Carroll

It’s taken me 25+ years of meditation and healing work, but I’ve finally put together my very own healing modality, the Chi Activation Healing Technique.

Like Reiki, it has three levels – levels that complement and extend everything you learn in other healing modalities (basically no overlap!).

Due to lockdown, my first course will be via Zoom (level 1), and you can find out all about it at the Chi Activation course homepage

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To give you a brief idea, however, the course includes:

  1. A crown chakra activation to expand your ability to tap into healing energies from Source, and thus become a better healer.
  2. An activation for the minor chakras in the palms. This will enhance your energetic sensitivity and ability to channel healing energy.
  3. A third eye activation to hone your intuition.
  4. Meditations for grounding. In the course, you will learn to connect to your base and Earth Star chakras, as well as Earth energy.
  5. A technique for accessing your light body to avoid energy drain (be it courtesy of a needy friend, an energy ‘vampire’, or a negative environment).
  6. A method for healing two chakras at the same time, and using healthy chakras to balance and strengthen those that could use a boost.

My first course will be this Saturday via Zoom (10:00am – 5:30pm), and it is the perfect antidote to lockdownitis.

So make the most of your time at home. Expand your healing abilities, and bring out even more of your innate healing potential.

To find out the full details, visit the Chi Activation Healing Technique course homepage.

If you have any questions, just reply to this email or call me on 0417 328 457.

Be well and shine brightly,



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