Are you passionate about working with clients, but have no idea how to start your business?

You envision yourself running a business, changing lives and spreading wisdom daily… But there’s just one problem.

You have no idea where to begin!

The anxiety of trying to figure out all the pieces to launch your business, feeling overwhelmed with so many questions, feeling like you have no idea where to start and worrying that you’ll fail no matter what you try- it’s normal.

You’re stepping into unknown territory, and it can be scary.

That’s why we are so excited to invite you to join our Reiki Business Membership. 

The Reiki Business Membership is a monthly support group that gives you access to two business pros. We’ll walk you through anything you need to know, and take the stress out of being an entrepreneur.

When you join the Membership, you get access to two calls each month, the perfect opportunity to bring your business needs to the table and receive personalized advice and guidance from your ReikiCafe University professors.

Not only will you get the chance to ask the questions you wish you had answers for, you’ll also be able to connect with a community of like-minded souls who are working to build their business just like you.

Your business should be your passion. So let’s take away the stress, and make your business dreams a reality.

Our first call is tonight!! We’ve tentatively scheduled our calls to be on the second Wednesday of the month at 4pm MDT/ 6pm EDT, and the fourth Sunday of the month at 9am MDT/ 11am EDT!

That schedule is subject to change based on member feedback, so if you are ready to kickstart your biz, get personalized advice, and join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, now is your chance!

Learn more and begin your membership today by clicking the button below! 
You’ll make your first payment on the website, and future payment invoices will come through PayPal. Cancel anytime.

To help make the most of this amazing opportunity, we’ve created monthly themes to help guide the membership forward. Check it out:

🌈 September: Building your Brand Identity

🌈 October: Authentic Connections with Social Media

🌈 November: Developing Your Prosperous Offers and Packages

🌈 December: Embodying Confident Sales

Join the Reiki Business Membership Today!

Remember, each month comes with one mentorship focused call and one tech focused call, so each month will offer a holistic view of that topic!

We’ll even include some bonus materials like videos, templates, workbooks, and more each month to help you fully embody the confident business owner you were meant to be.

So let’s do this! Learn more about the membership and sign up today!

Sign Up Here!

In passion and purpose,

Christine Renee and Isabel Wells

ReikiCafe University

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