This article appears courtesy of Jeremy O’Carroll, founder of the Om Reiki Centre.

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Jeremy O’Carroll: Om Reiki

“I haven’t practised Reiki in a while…. what can I do?

Life happens!

The fifth Reiki precept is ‘Show compassion to yourself and others.’ So be gentle and kind to yourself. Just start over.

om reiki

In general, when life is hectic, the best way is to start really small and build the habit.

For instance, start by doing 5-10 minutes of self-Reiki / breathing into the hara before you begin your day. Then, if you can, do 5 minutes before bed. Do that for a week and see how you go.

After that, if you feel like it, you can always do more. The e-course is never going away, so you can always do it again, and you can always do it over a longer period (say 42 days). And if you would like us to, we can always resend it to you day by day.

Generally, when life is hectic, meditation / Reiki practice is particularly valuable. So remember the world of Mrs Takata: “A little bit of Reiki is better than no Reiki.”

Also, remember that you can always just put your hands on your body (e.g. your thighs) when you are sitting on a tram, or watching TV, or chatting at the dinner table, or whatever.

So there is always time for some Reiki, even if it is not formal Reiki where you are sitting down and meditating.”

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The following article is courtesy of Chatal Phillips at Healing Fire

Too busy for Reiki self-healing?

“Are you a Reiki practitioner who doesn’t practise self-healing regularly?  It’s always good meeting people and finding out that they are Reiki practitioners, but when they find out that I’m a Reiki teacher, some of them get a bit shy and will tell me sheepishly that they enjoy Reiki but that they don’t practise it regularly (if it all).  Okay, let’s get this out of the way first: I’m not the “Reiki police”. and I’m not going to think badly about a practitioner who doesn’t practise.  I’m more concerned with why they aren’t practising, and very often it’s the same reason: “I just don’t have the time”.

But think about it this way: if someone you cared about asked you for a Reiki treatment, almost undoubtedly you would make time for it.  This is where Reiki can teach us another important lesson: to love and care for ourselves as much as we do for others.

Many people are drawn to Reiki out of the desire to help others, but it’s important to remember that we are often drawn to the thing that we most need ourselves.  By setting aside time regularly for self-treatments (3 per week is great, even more is fantastic!), we become healthier and more balanced, with a stronger Reiki ability, and in a much better position to help others. There is a very good reason as to why Mikao Usui stressed the importance of self-treatment first!

During my first year of practising Reiki, I found that I was increasingly asked for treatments by friends and acquaintances.  If someone needed my help, I would drop whatever plans I had for a self-treatment in order to assist them. Other times, I would let myself get caught-up in unimportant activities, only to complain to myself that “I don’t have time for my self-treatments, I’m too busy.”.  Obviously, this wasn’t a positive state to be in, so it was time to change myself. I started writing down self-healing appointments for myself in my diary, and kept these appointments. If someone needed my help during these times, rather than my old habit of  “cancelling” my self-treatment, I would just truthfully say “Sorry, I have an appointment at that time, but I can see you afterwards or at another time”.  Making appointments for myself also made me more self-disciplined, as well as better at time-management and prioritising.

The act of making appointments for myself created a quick and healthy change. I got into a good habit of regular self-treatment, and also began to take better care of myself.  I realised that I had some very old issues to heal and release related to helping others, but not helping myself:  feeling guilty or selfish about ever putting myself “first”, discomfort in addressing these old issues, and not expressing myself clearly.

Once you establish a good routine of self-treatments, you’ll find it easier and easier, and you’ll really start looking forward to them.  You’ll love being more energetic, sleeping well, being healthier and happier etc. Make your self-treatments special!  Put on some relaxing background music, light some candles, burn some aromatherapy oils or incense.  Put as much care into preparing for your self-treatment as you would when you treat someone else.

Enjoy this special lesson that Reiki can give us: to set aside time to nurture, care for and love ourselves.”

About Chantal Phillips

Since her early teens, Chantal has been aware that she can sense areas of disease and disharmony within others (clairsentience), but it was only when she was attuned to Reiki 1 in 1994 that she realised her healing path. When she places her hands on another person, or even looks at a photo of them, she feels any physical, mental, emotional, and energetic issues that the person has. Over the years, this ability has continued to increase in strength and clarity, as has her clairvoyant abilities. It enables her to efficiently locate and treat issues, receive information about the causes of issues, and give full, clear and accurate assessments and advice to all of her clients.

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