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Hey Everybody,

If you hang around in Reiki circles long enough, you can’t help but encounter what we might call the Reiki Gestapo.

We’re talking the kind of healers who have super-fixed ideas on how Reiki must be practised, who condemn you if you stray even one millimeter from what they consider to be the straight and narrow path.

They are the Reiki crowd that insist you can only do things in a certain manner, the people who tell you that you need to do this position and not that one, the practitioners who say that only this Reiki tradition or number of attunements or style of attunement or lineage or whatnot is valid.

On the next rung down from the Reiki Gestapo, you find the overly rigid and dogmatic healers. They are the ones who insist you always use the set positions, the ones who tell you that you need to do this and that before you start to channel Reiki (e.g. a ritual to protect yourself or a special invocation to call in the energy), the ones who insist you must always only Reiki the body (or the aura!), the ones who expect you to pick a position and hold it for 3-5 minutes every time.

Now, I’m not going to say that these rules and beliefs are never helpful. They can be. But to get all snippety if someone tries something else is to miss a crucial point: the highest healing guide is always your intuition.

And intuition is never rigid.

It is never predictable.

This makes sense because each person is different, and each moment is different, so to optimize their healing session, you’ll always need to tailor it to their specific needs in that particular moment.

That means that no two sessions will ever be the same, not even for the same person.

The key thing for a healer to remember here is that they don’t need to understand why they are going to certain healing positions or working the way they are working. Their job is simply to follow their intuition. It is to stay open to its instructions and to move when it says move, and to stay still when it says stay still.

To finish reading this week’s article and find out how to fine-tune your intuition, click here.

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Feb. 19 – 20 Pellowah Healing Course (Melbourne)
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Mar 19-20: Melb. Mastering Your Chakras + Mastering Your Mind Meditation Course
March 26-27: Melbourne Reiki Level 2April 2-3Melb. Chi Activation Level 1June 11-13: Melb. Reiki Master Level
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